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My company is currently investigating different templating tools to allow us to develop more maintainable, scalable Web site. The three options that we are considering are as follows:
  1. HTML::Template.

    This is a nice, light-weight method of adding using templates. However, we're not likely to use this tool as it does not appear suitable for large-scale development.


    This looks very promising, but the IS director is researching this technology.

  3. HTML::Mason

    This is the piece that I have been assigned to research. Unfortunately, Mason is optimized for Apache and mod_perl. Since we use IIS and are not likely to switch, this may be an issue.

Apparently, we can use the Mason Component Interpreter directly, but this is likely to have performance issues. We need to address this issue, but we're looking for the most cost-effective solution that fits our current architecture. Therefore, I'm wondering about the following:

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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