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Moritz currently lives Germany, loves perl and especially Perl 6. He writes a book on automating deployments and Continuous Delivery.

The picture shows Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, the picture was taken during a pleasant year of... "studying" in Scotland.

If you're curious, here's a picture of me.


My first module: Math::Expression::Evaluator.

Then came Perl6::Gather::Take, which is the only lazy gather/take implementation on CPAN, but doesn't yet meet my standards (just read the caveats...).

Perl6::Str is the cool new kid on the block, which should and would a be a revolution in the way we deal with strings, if it weren't so much slower than perl 5's built-in string handling.

Encode::Repair does what the name suggests it does, but it doesn't do magic or guessing, just deterministic, solid work.

There is another module that I've wanted to work on for ages, and which I'll probably name Math::Model. Thanks to mr_mischief for helping me finding a name. Now implemented in Perl 6.

Perl 6

Perl 6 hacking and blogging takes up a significant of my free time. I also published some articles about Perl 6 in the German iX magazine.

I regularly contribute to the Perl 6 test suite, and to Rakudo (both test infrastructure and compiler).

Currently I'm running (and as needed, developing) the IRC logs for #perl6.

Weird Perl 5 Stuff

Did you know that there can be a space after the sigil of a variable?

$ perl -wle 'my $x = 3; print $ x; print "$ { x }"' 3 3

Or that you can define subs with numeric names?

$ perl -wle 'sub 4 { print "yes" }' Illegal declaration of anonymous subroutine at -e line 1. $ # well, not like that. But it *is* possible: $ perl -lwe '*4 = sub { print "yes" }; 4->()' yes

Oh, and some funny fossils lurk behind dark corners - sigils are optional in some cases:

$ perl -le 'push a, 2, 3; print @a' 23

Did you know about the reset built-in function? Funny thing, if you ask me ;)

A funny way to call code refs:

$ perl -wE 'use strict; my $f = sub { say qq(lol WTF?)}; 1->$f;' lol WTF?

Other Perl Resources

The German Perl Community is quite helpful.

I'm a member of