Corion switches DSL providers today. As to be expected, the credentials for the new service haven't arrived yet, but the SMS that the line is switched to the new provider already has arrived.
[Discipulus]: credentials will arrive with Homing Pigeon
[Corion]: ... at least, if they can't give me 50MBps, I'll reduce my monthly costs by five EUR ...
[Corion]: Discipulus: Naah, credentials will arive by mail, while the post people are on strike. The DSL provider I'm changing to is the former state telecom, who used to be one and the same with the mail :-)
[Corion]: Ah, thanks erix!
[Corion]: Anyway, it seems that I'll be online again (from home) earliest tomorrow, unless the credentials have arrived today in the mail :) But I expected something like this anyway ;)