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Re^3: perl substitue till found pattern in aline

by rjt (Deacon)
on Dec 03, 2012 at 08:57 UTC ( #1006822=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    use Benchmark qw/:all :hireswallclock/;
    my $DATA = '01 fines name 2222 -P sws -1 reee.tee rrt';
            join '-1', $left, $right;
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                  Rate pushtaev      rjt
    pushtaev 1875006/s       --     -75%
    rjt      7582716/s     304%       --

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Node Type: note [id://1006822]
[marto]: Hey Corion, how are things?
[Corion]: Fine! It's amazing how productive I can be with a 3hour daily workload removed :)
[Corion]: My to-do emails level is at a 12-months-low of 21 , from 36 last week ;)
[marto]: I'm recovering from a bad day yesterday, on most counts :P
[Corion]: Also , I made great progress in actually writing the automation script that will run large parts of the 3hour workload now, largely by discussing what error conditions need to be handled by manual intervention and reducing these :)
[Corion]: marto: Ow! What was so bad about yesterday?

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