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Re^2: More Betterer Game of Life

by eyepopslikeamosquito (Chancellor)
on Sep 26, 2017 at 09:15 UTC ( #1200097=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    package Organism;
    use strict;
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    # - Simple benchmark of Organism class.
    # Generate blinker test file with, for example:
    # Uncomment for tile dump
    # $org->dump_tiles();
  3. or download this
    # tgol3.t - Simple lidka test of Conway Game of Life Organism class
    use strict;
          is_deeply( \@cells, \@slidka100, "lidka final cell array" );
  4. or download this
    # tgol4.t - Simple standalone test of st_ functions
    use strict;
       test_one("Weird block one-b", 1, \@outcells, \@outcells2, 1);
       test_one("Weird block two",   2, \@incells,  \@outcells2, 1);
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    # Add two numbers using only bitwise operators
    # See
       $sum0 == $sum1 or die "oops 0";
       $sum1 == $sum2 or die "oops 1";

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Node Type: note [id://1200097]
[erix]: antisemitic && (pro-)russian. Makes sense :P
[shmem]: erix: what's antisemitic in there? Tell me.
[erix]: AngloZionist
[shmem]: and it is *not* pro-russian. It describes the western world.
[erix]: I'm not going to read it so I could be mistaken but it reeks of useful idiocy
[shmem]: AngloZionist is not an antisemitic term.
[shmem]: erix: be assured that we all are horribly mistaken, always. What would we write tests for, if not for that fact?
[shmem]: and then, audiatur et altera pars.
[erix]: and what's the "Vineyard"? Don't tell me it's doing supernatural stuff too.

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