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Re: Perl and Morphology

by ViceRaid (Chaplain)
on Mar 14, 2002 at 17:57 UTC ( #151761=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    my %analysed = (
        baSlar     => ['plural'],
        baSlarimiz => ['plural', 'possessed by us'],
        baSimda    => ['possessed by me', 'locative'],
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    sub findroot {
        my @words = @_;
        #return the stem - i.e. the longest common element
        return [ sort { length $b <=> length $a } keys %stems ]->[0];
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    imda: 'possessed by me', 'locative'
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    use Algorithm::Permute qw( permute );
    # not so fast as other modules, but it compiled OK on cygwin
        return if $incrnext;
        return @lengths;
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    @possibles = ( {
     'i'   => 'locative',
     'im'  => 'locative',
     'da'  => '',
    }, ........ );
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    my %analysed = (
        baSlar     => ['root:head', 'plural'],
        baSlarimiz => ['root:head', 'plural', 'possessed by us'],
        baSimda    => ['root:head', 'possessed by me', 'locative'],

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[GotToBTru]: oh I know what it is .. but it is a number only slightly useful to me and of no possible use to our customer
[MidLifeXis]: Whew - you just saved the free world. <o)
[GotToBTru]: i guess it's a placeholder, the code will only fill it in if there is nothing else to use
[GotToBTru]: but then .. if you have nothing to say, why not say nothing?
[MidLifeXis]: I have a user who has a lot of say on how some of our processes work that abhors significant blanks. Perhaps that is a part of it. A not-so-obvious "this space intentionally left blank" indicator.
[MidLifeXis]: On the back end, however, that doesn't mean that i have to use that value to indicate "undefined", no matter how much he thinks I should.

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