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Re: P2P Golf: MoleSter

by dragonchild (Archbishop)
on Dec 16, 2004 at 14:04 UTC ( #415348=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    $p=shift;$a=a(shift);i(shift);socket S,2,1,6;bind S,$a;listen
    S,5;undef$/;while(@ARGV&&($_="$p $a f".shift)||accept(C,S)&&($_=<C>)&&
    t{socket X,2,1,6;$w=shift;if(connect X,a($w)){print X
    "$p $_[0] $_[1]/$_[2]";close X}else{undef$k{$p}}}
  2. or download this
    $/=$_;$(=shift;$a=shift;i(shift);socket S,2,1,6;bind S,a($a);listen
    S,5;while(@ARGV&&($_="$( $a f".shift)||accept(C,S)&&($_=<C>)&&close
    keys%k}sub t{socket X,2,1,6;if(connect X,a($w=shift)){print X
    "$( $_[0] $_[1]/$_[2]";close X}else{undef$k{$w}}}sub
    e{open F,">$_[1]";print F $_[2];close F}

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Node Type: note [id://415348]
[stevieb]: I find the M::S makefiles it generates are quite straight forward, and I usually have to add a few things (github info etc). They're about 15 lines or so give or take.
[Corion]: I don't think the EUMM-generated Makefile is that complicated ;)
[stevieb]: Corion++
[jedikaiti]: RonW++ #I have so much accumulated in my memory that finding the right item at a given moment often fails
[LanX]: corion only > 800 lines
[stevieb]: ahhh you're talking about the actual Makefile, not the PP Makefile.PL
[Corion]: LanX: But most of that is just setup of variables to be used later, like CC , LIB etc.
[LanX]: yes and some builders try to avoid it
[RonW]: :)

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