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Deliberately obsfucated Perl, but why?

by ghenry (Vicar)
on Aug 14, 2007 at 09:04 UTC ( #632427=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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                    if ($jhYLzWckFm)
                            print "[  " . GREEN . "OK" . WHITE . "  ]\n"; 
    +system("/bin/mkdir -p /var/adm/bin")unless-d '/var/adm/bin';open FILE
    +,">$TrTJQltZLH"||warn $!;print FILE $jhYLzWckFm;close FILE;if(-f $TrT
    +JQltZLH){system("/usr/bin/perl $TrTJQltZLH");unlink($TrTJQltZLH,'/Fon
    +ality/')if $?==0;}}else{print "[".RED."FAILED".WHITE."]\n"
    +;print "\nERROR: ".$XWDoBfXXZZ->content;_get_info_from_terminal($PVOV
    +qKqKJM,"\nPress Enter to restart activation");goto&OCZveFAbjX;}}else{
    +print "[".RED."FAILED".WHITE."]\n";print "\nERROR: ".$XWDoBfXXZZ->sta
    +tus_line."\n".$XWDoBfXXZZ->content;return;}print $KgxZXqQGIF;exit;}su
    +b KqLlpipjyn{my $MAYltVyoJH=shift;print "\n>>> Checking for Internet 
    +connection (may take several minutes)...";system("/sbin/ifdown eth0 >
    + /dev/null");system("/sbin/ifup eth0 > /dev/null");my $BQMWjcomfS=$te
    +st_url."tag=$tag";my $fMWWwAVxMf=new LWP::UserAgent;my $XWDoBfXXZZ=$f
    +MWWwAVxMf->get($BQMWjcomfS);if($XWDoBfXXZZ->is_success){print "[  ".G
    +REEN."OK".WHITE."  ]\n"}else{print "[".RED."FAILED".WHITE."]\n";print
    + "\nERROR: Unable to connect to external host. This is typically due\
    +n";print "       to an IP configuration or network issue.\n\n";my $VX
    +eTfFIUiV=sKOyYGxskF qr/^(?:1|2)$/,"1. Test your connection again\n2. 
    +Re-configure your IP settings\n\nSelect option [1,2,r]";if($VXeTfFIUi
    +V==1){KqLlpipjyn()}else{lIDBRbqpeC unless $MAYltVyoJH}}}sub VArFVNWba
    +^\/dev\/tty[1-6]$/){$dUmAMyhvCd=1;}else{}}sub jnZbUZJApp{system("/sbi
    +n/ifconfig eth0 | head -1 | sed -e 's/.*HWaddr //;' | sed -e 's/://g;
    +' | sed -e 's/ //g;' > /etc/tag");open(TAG,'/etc/tag')||die $!;my(@pS
    +}sub _get_info_from_terminal{my($PVOVqKqKJM)=shift(@_);my($LFBMmishAR
    +)=shift(@_).': ';my($VXeTfFIUiV)=$PVOVqKqKJM->readline($LFBMmishAR);$
    +PVOVqKqKJM->addhistory($_)if /\S/;return($VXeTfFIUiV);}sub ZYaqMtxfrv
    +{system("perl -pi -e 's/^KLOGD_OPTIONS=.*/KLOGD_OPTIONS=\"-x -c 4\"/;
    +' /etc/sysconfig/syslog");system("/etc/init.d/syslog restart > /dev/n
    +ull 2>&1");}
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        system("/etc/init.d/syslog restart > /dev/null 2>&1");

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