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vinoth.ree's scratchpad

by vinoth.ree (Monsignor)
on Jan 05, 2009 at 10:15 UTC ( #734135=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    my @fruits = ('apple','orange','apple','orange');
    my $num_apple = grep /^apple$/i, @fruits
    print $num_apple;
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    @unique = grep { ++$count{$_} < 2 } qw(a b a c d d e f g f h h);print 
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    my @crops = qw(wheat corn barley rice corn soybean hay alfalfa rice ha
    +y beets corn hay);
    my @dupes = grep { $count{$_} == 2 } grep { ++$count{$_} > 1 } @crops;
    +print "@dupes\n";
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    @files = grep { -f and -T } glob '* .*';
    print "@files\n";
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    @a = (0 .. 9, 'a' .. 'z');
    $password = join '', map { $a [int rand @a ] } 0 .. 7;
    print "$password\n";
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    %hash = ( Elliot => Babbage,
              Charles => Babbage,
              Grace => Hopper,
    Elliot => Babbage
    Herman => Hollerith
    Grace => Hopper
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    my %data = (bananas => 1,oranges => 7,apples => 12, mangoes => 3,pears
    + => 8,);
    # Using <=> instead of cmp because of the numbers
    foreach my $fruit (sort {$data{$a} <=> $data{$b}} keys %data) {
        print $fruit . ": " . $data{$fruit} . "\n";
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    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use Data::Dumper;
    use Encode qw(encode);
    my $rupee =  encode("UTF-8", chr(0x20B9));
    print "\n$rupee"."19264/-\n";
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    my $module = 'My::Module';
        my $error = $@;
        # ...
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    sub match_positions {
        my ($regex, $string) = @_;
        return if not $string =~ /$regex/;
        return ($-[0], $+[0]);
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    sub match_all_positions {
        my ($regex, $string) = @_;
        return @ret

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[ambrus]: Corion: I think I parsed a HTTP header from a string with LWP once. You can definitely use that to create a HTTP message too. The problme is
[ambrus]: that if you do that, you'd have to find where each HTTP response ends, which is nontrivial if you want persistent connections (essential for performance if you have small requests).
[Corion]: ambrus: Yes, ideally an API that I feed the incoming data piece by piece and that I can ask "is that response done" and "what should I do next" and "please construct the appropriate redirect for me"
[Corion]: ambrus: Yes, ideally the module would do all that nasty stuff for me and give me a way to ask it what the current situation is
[ambrus]: Corion: you could also consider using some wrapper over the multi interface of curl, I think Net::Curl might be a good one, since implementing enough of what it expects from the event loop might be easier than a full AnyEvent interface.

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