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Re^3: DBI fails to return an error code

by mje (Curate)
on Oct 10, 2011 at 08:20 UTC ( #930551=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    use strict;
    use DBI;
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    DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'DCredits' in 'field lis
    +t' at /home/martin/ line 45.
    <p>There was a problem: executing query.</p>
    <p><i>Attempted command:</i> SELECT DCredits, Price, Description FROM 
    +test.CUSTOMER_PLAN WHERE Name='Free'</p>
    <p><i>Error:</i> 1054 - Unknown column 'DCredits' in 'field list'</p>
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        -> prepare for DBD::mysql::db (DBI::db=HASH(0x9f482a0)~0x9f483c0 '
    +SELECT DCredits, Price, Description FROM test.CUSTOMER_PLAN WHERE Nam
    +e='Free'') thr#9dd4008
        New 'DBI::st' (for DBD::mysql::st, parent=DBI::db=HASH(0x9f483c0),
    + id=undef)
        -> $DBI::errstr (&) FETCH from lasth=HASH
        >> DBD::mysql::st::errstr
        <- $DBI::errstr= 'Unknown column 'DCredits' in 'field list''

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