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    root@desktop:/var/lib/transmission-daemon/info/torrents# perl -MFile::Slurp=read_file -MBencode=bdecode -E'@src = map { $_->[1] } grep { $_->[0] =~ /some_popular_tracker.example/ } map { ($a) = /^(.*)\.[0-9a-f]+\.torrent$/ or die $_; $b = s/\.torrent$/.resume/r; [ (bdecode scalar read_file $_ )->{announce}, (bdecode scalar read_file "../resume/$b")->{destination}."/$a" ];  } @ARGV; LOOP: { system qw/sudo -u aitap -H rsync -rvPz --size-only/, @src, "seedbox:/somewhere/"; redo LOOP if $? }' *
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    $ cat /tmp/
    use warnings;
       c. display
    Enter [a-c]:  
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    What to do now?
       a. quit
       b. learn
       c. display

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