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Re: SQL script processor and executor

by hbm (Hermit)
on Jul 27, 2012 at 13:38 UTC ( #984030=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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        if ($shpath) {    
          #print SH "chmod 700 $shpath/shell_$\n";
                     qq[plink -batch -pw "${passwd}" ${user}\@${server} -m
    + "${sh}" >> "${output}" 2>${outerr}\n];
        } else {
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          #if ($sqlline =~ /^=/) {        # Convert the output to record v
    +iew if prefixed by =
          #  $sqlline =~ s/^=//;          # trim off the =
          if ($sqlline =~ s/^=//) {       # trim off '=' and convert recor
    +d view if prefixed by =
            $rsql = 1;
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        #$server   =~ s/\s+.*//;
        #$user     =~ s/\s+.*//;
        #$dbpasswd =~ s/\s+.*//;
        #$shpath   =~ s/\s+.*// if $shpath;
        map{$_ && s/\s.*//} $server,$user,$passwd,$dbconn,$dbuser,$dbpassw

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