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Win32:OLE errors when running same code on Windows XP

by HelenCr (Monk)
on Aug 09, 2012 at 18:34 UTC ( #986581=perlquestion: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    package  StatementExcel;
    require  Exporter;
    @ISA   = qw(Exporter);
        $xlApp = Win32::OLE->new('Excel.Application');    # Start Excel an
    +d make it visible
    # ... more code
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    Win32::OLE(0.1709) error 0x80020009: "Exception occurred"
        in METHOD/PROPERTYGET "ActiveChart" at D:/MyPrograms/System/Strawb
    +erryPerl/perl/vendor/lib/Win32/OLE/ line 216.
    Win32::OLE(0.1709) error 0x80020009: "Exception occurred"
        in METHOD/PROPERTYGET "FileFind" at D:/MyPrograms/System/Strawberr
    +yPerl/perl/vendor/lib/Win32/OLE/ line 216.

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