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converting from switch to given-when

by jmlynesjr (Hermit)
on Sep 25, 2012 at 01:29 UTC ( #995476=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    use switch;
    switch ($selection) {
                case wxID_YES      {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pressed:  \
    +"Yes\" ")}
                case wxID_NO      {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pressed:  \"
    +No\" ")}
                case wxID_CANCEL  {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pressed:  \"
    +Cancel\" ")}            
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    given ($selection) {
                when (wxID_YES)      {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pressed: 
    + \"Yes\" ")}
                when (wxID_NO)      {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pressed:  
    +\"No\" ")}
                when (wxID_CANCEL)  {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pressed:  
    +\"Cancel\" ")}            
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    given ($selection) {
                when ($_ == wxID_YES)      {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pre
    +ssed:  \"Yes\" ")}
                when ($_ == wxID_NO)      {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pres
    +sed:  \"No\" ")}
                when ($_ == wxID_CANCEL)  {$self->Wx::LogStatus ("You pres
    +sed:  \"Cancel\" ")}            
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    my $yes = wxID_YES;
    when ($yes)   {....}

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