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40596 Re: Efficient Perl Programming 2000-11-08 22:51
39768 RE: Yet another JAPH 2000-11-03 02:25
39584 Re: Cut n' paste monkey on my back 2000-11-02 06:33
39463 Uhm, what about...? 2000-11-01 23:51
39178 Rapid Rate of Development 2000-10-30 23:51
38891 RE: A first attempt 2000-10-28 04:26
38889 Yet another JAPH 2000-10-28 03:38
38841 But WHY??? 2000-10-27 20:15
38742 Re: Secure CGI 2000-10-27 02:19
38441 Don't use opendir 2000-10-25 21:28
38204 Re: Regex optimizations 2000-10-25 00:14
37990 RE: Assembler?... 2000-10-23 22:53
37984 RE: Assembler?... 2000-10-23 22:32
37979 Assembler?... 2000-10-23 22:20
37731 Why get all of the arrays? 2000-10-20 22:53
36075 Re: How big is yours? 2000-10-10 20:53
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