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Best Nodes of the Day, Week, Month, and Year

Are they really the best nodes? Maybe, maybe not. You be the judge!

Also check out Selected Best Nodes — today's random selection of 50 of the top 2000 nodes of all time.

By the way — Please don't upvote these nodes just because other monks thought they were good. If you do, their node reputations will increase — but then we won't really be showcasing the best nodes.

Best Nodes of The Day

# Node Author Rep
1 Re: Need regex to filter out unwanted rows Athanasius 24
2 Re: How to filter few key value pairs from hash reference choroba 22
3 Re: How to filter few key value pairs from hash reference johngg 21
4 Re: issue with DBI and MS SQL SERVER blue_cowdawg 21
5 Re: is missing toolic 17
6 Re^2: Need regex to filter out unwanted rows AnomalousMonk 14
7 Re: generating an array of array GrandFather 13
8 Re: bold color text and export to file roboticus 13
9 Re: How to push the first two elements of an array in another array choroba 12
10 Re: How to access hash and push it in scalar variable Athanasius 12
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Best Nodes of The Week

# Node Author Rep
1 Re: Porting Commands to Windows LanX 43
2 Re: using perl as a new user Your Mother 38
3 Re^2: Porting Commands to Windows skx 37
4 Re: Removing text between HTML tags Utilitarian 36
5 Re: Fill an array in a module ? RonW 35
6 Re: solving multistep equations GrandFather 34
7 Re: How to get non-redundant DNA sequences from a FASTA file? choroba 32
8 The Case for Macros in Perl einhverfr 32
9 Re: solving multistep equations LanX 31
10 Re: Porting Commands to Windows toolic 31
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Best Nodes of The Month

# Node Author Rep
1 Almost 28 new names for 32 old marks tye 51
2 Re: Type of arg 1 to push must be array (not private variable) choroba 50
3 Re: Tip on better performance: Open and close output file or leave it open? davido 48
4 Re: dereference references in an array tobyink 48
5 Re: sort messes up data McA 46
6 Re: HEREDOC weirdness AppleFritter 46
7 Re: Combining 2 variable? AppleFritter 46
8 Re: Your opinion about a book tobyink 46
9 PerlMonks meets Twitter Bootstrap tobyink 43
10 Re: Combining 2 variable? choroba 43
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Best Nodes of The Year

# Node Author Rep
1 in praise of poor old Tk zentara 80
2 Re: I want you to convince me to learn Perl choroba 78
3 I apologize for yesterday's downtime ambrus 71
4 The 10**21 Problem (Part I) eyepopslikeamosquito 70
5 Re: I want you to convince me to learn Perl LanX 68
6 exports -- which module exports are used? tye 66
7 Re^3: Perl compiler request - flogging the dead horse! davido 65
8 Re: Is using $#array Frowned on? shmem 63
9 Re: how does these map statements work frozenwithjoy 61
10 Re: Hunting a memory eater tobyink 61
11 Re: Getting a result from "foreach" block AppleFritter 60
12 Blog post on hardening Perl's hash function demerphq 59
13 Will I break CPAN? Tux 58
14 Where are the Perl::Critic policies for the Camel? tchrist 58
15 Perl 5.20.0 tobyink 57
16 Re: How realistic is an extended absence? davido 56
17 The problem with "The Problem with Threads" BrowserUk 56
18 Re: Code cleanup; how best to deal with: defined(%hash) is deprecated at... davido 56
19 Deflation and "Selected Best Nodes" LanX 56
20 simple as math LanX 55
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