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by maverick (Curate)
on Jun 21, 2000 at 23:31 UTC ( #19314=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This is one of the extremely few photos of me that I like. I have always been horribly camera shy (which probably explains why I look angry in this picture). Upon seeing this picture eduardo's comment was "that one makes your nose look... normal people sized". Thanks Ed.

In the tradition of "feeding chromatic's cat", here is the piece of code that I had in my homenode. This variation autosubmits the message without the user having to push a button. There used to be a bug in netscape that would let you use 'mailto:' as the form action and have it automatically send email to people. That was a lot fun while it lasted.
<form name="theform" method="POST" action="/" enctype="applica +tion/x-www-form-urlencoded"> <input type="hidden" name="node_id" value="19314"> <input type=hidden name="op" value="message"> <input type=hidden name="message" value="/me just visited maverick's h +omenode"> <input type=hidden name="message_send" value="talk"> </form> <s‎crip‎t> if ( != "") { document.theform.submit(); } </s‎crip‎t>

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[Corion]: Discipulus: If you want to rewrite the SVG, then yes, something like XML::Twig should be enough. I would try to not modify the SVG but only modify the display, but so far I haven't convinced IE to change the style...
Corion gives up
[Discipulus]: ah! so you mean if i need a static image i can use Twig, if on the fly better css selector and mody attrs (jquery?), rigth?
[LanX]: not sure what you guys are taking about, but a DOM manipulation in JS shouldn't be difficult
[Corion]: Discipulus: Yeah, that's what I would try (but so far, I can't even change the colors manually in the SVG, which is why I gave up ;) )
Discipulus bad sign..
[Discipulus]: italian doc says to modify somehow the initial SVG before using it with D3.js
[Discipulus]: LanX the fact is that my js ability is even poorer than my Perl one..

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