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by httptech (Chaplain)
on Jun 01, 2000 at 21:53 UTC ( #15869=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: PerlMonks Related Scripts
Author/Contact Info Joe Stewart aka httptech
Description: Speech interface to chatterbox, using festival server for the text-to-speech processing. You need to have the festival daemon running and install the Speech::Festival module.

Since it's based on ZZamboni's Chatterbox Client you will need to download his module as well.

# - Talking Perl Monks
# By Joe Stewart
# Mainly just a hack to the sample driver program for
# by Diego Zamboni, May 2000.
# Use:
# -l Username
#      Asks for your password. Stores cookies in ~/.pm-cookie.
#      This is only necessary the first time you use it. After that it
+ uses
#      the cookie automatically.
# Type messages to send
# Type /checkoff <number> to remove personal messages (this is the equ
#  of checking on them in the web page).
use strict;
use PerlMonksChat;
use IO::Select;
use Text::Wrap qw(wrap);
use Speech::Festival;

$| = 1;
$SIG{'INT'} = \&endit;

my $festival = new Speech::Festival;
conn $festival || warn "Could not connect to festival: $!";

my $user;
my $passwd;

my $usecolor=1;
my $color_username="";
my $color_personalmsg="";
my $color_sysmsg="";
my $color_normal="";

if ($ARGV[0] && $ARGV[0] eq "-l") {
  shift @ARGV;
  $user=shift @ARGV or die "User expected as argument to -l\n";
  print "Password? ";
  chomp $passwd;

my $period=shift @ARGV || 10;

if ($usecolor) {
  eval "use Term::ANSIColor";
  unless ($@) {
    $color_username=color('BOLD GREEN');
    $color_personalmsg=color('YELLOW BOLD');

my $p=PerlMonksChat->new();
if ($user) {
  $p->login($user, $passwd);

my $s=IO::Select->new;

  while (1) {
    my @lines = map { s/^(<[^>]+>)/$color_username$1$color_normal/;
                wrap("", "\t", "$_\n") } $p->getnewlines(1);
    for (@lines) {
    my @ready=$s->can_read($period);
    if (@ready) {
      foreach (@ready) {
        my $line=<$_>;
        chomp $line;
        if ($line =~ /^\/?(checkoff|co)\s+/ && (my @ids=($line=~/(\d+)
+/g))) {
          $p->checkoff(map { 'deletemsg_'.$_ } @ids);
          print $color_sysmsg, "* Done *", $color_normal,"\n";
        elsif ($line =~ /^\s*\/quit\s*$/) {
        else {          $p->send($line);

sub speak_to_me($) {
    my $text = shift;
    $text =~ s/^.*?\s+//;
    request $festival "(SayText \"$text\")";

sub endit {
    print "Disconnecting from Festival: ";
    disconnect $festival;
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RE: Monktalk
by KM (Priest) on Jun 07, 2000 at 21:58 UTC
    Just FYI.. I showed this to Kevin Lenzo (one of the Festival people) since it is always good to know how your software is being used. And he said 'neato!'. Just thought you would like to know the feedback :)


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