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Spinning World

by eyepopslikeamosquito (Chancellor)
on Feb 29, 2004 at 08:18 UTC ( #332609=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Inspired by hello world, I've produced a spinning world (which I hope is spinning in the right direction;-). For best results, ensure you have the Time::HiRes module installed (standard with Perl 5.8); lacking that, you can still run the obfu by commenting out the first line (though it won't look as nice;-).

use Time::HiRes 'sleep';$:=q^=/Z97Z5-#'( $Z21$$,$Z/63 $Z-:3$ Z+=4$Z*<7 $Z($#:8$Z'$$7<$Z &$% 6>$Z%$'5? $Z$$)2B$Z$$*1B$Z#$,)' "C$Z#$-'K $Z"$0%%#"%A$Z"$1)(%<$Z!$4 )F$Z!$9$F $Z!$;#%(:$Z!$=.8$Z!$?/5$Z!$? 13$Z!$>50 $Z!$>8-$Z!$?8,$Z!$@6-$Z"$@4 -$Z"$A2.$ Z#$A1-$Z#$A0.$Z$$A-/$Z$$A,0$Z% $@*1$Z&$? (2$Z'$>'2$Z($<'2$Z*$:&1$Z+$9 %1$Z-$7$0 $Z/$6##"+$Z2$4#*$Z5$9$Z9$1$Z =/Z^;$~ =q^=/Z9 0%$Z54)$Z23%"+$Z/81$ Z-:3$Z+ <#"2$Z* =$"2$Z(;'#4$Z'>$$ 5$Z&?<$ Z%@=$Z$ A>$Z$&%7?$Z#(%'# *"#A$Z# '&&%(E$ Z"''%('E $ Z"%)$*' D$Z!%+# +&'"," 2$Z!&*# )"$"*"4 ")$Z !& +"," +"=$Z!% 5"$"%") "9$Z!%6" $"## '";$Z!$ 7"&$*"8 $Z!$8#%# ##&$6$Z !$K&2$Z !$; """0&0$ Z!$a$Z" $G #$"3$Z" $C'##3$ Z#$@)"$ 2$Z#$?.("*$Z$ $;1%",$ Z$$:21$ Z%$920$Z&$810$ Z'$7&$( 0$Z($?& 0$Z*$?#'#'$Z+$D# ($Z-$@# ($Z/$E$ Z2$?$Z5$9$Z9$1$Z=/Z^ ;$^=q^= /Z9$),Z 5$("#2Z2$*#"6Z/$/:Z-$.? Z+$.%$" #9Z*$.$ '""""8Z(%/#-9Z'&.),6Z&& .+$#&7Z %&.MZ$& -PZ$%-D$+Z#$/D&&"$Z#$ .E'%"$Z "$/D)$# $Z"$.C,##$Z!$/A*"%" $$Z!$0D &"%"$$Z !$1B("($Z!$3&$71$ Z!$<61$ Z!$<52$ Z!%;43$Z!(924$Z! *814$Z! *804%Z" (90/"$%Z"(904$Z #'90%". $Z#(70$ #/$Z$'8.$$)" %$Z$'9, %#)"&$Z %&:*&"/$Z&% :)5$Z'$ ;'5$Z($ :$7$Z*$K" $$Z+$J" #$Z-$H% Z/$E$Z2 $?$Z5$9 $Z9$1$Z=/ Z^;;;; @,=map{ s;\s;;g ;join "",map{ $;='*'; join "",map(( ($;^=$/)x (-33 +ord)), /./g), $/} split+Z} $~,$^,$ : ; for(-10.. -1,-1, -1 ){$.=-$_/ 9;system ($^O=~Win ?CLS:"clear"),print, sleep$.for@,};

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Re: Spinning World
by snowsmann (Scribe) on Feb 29, 2004 at 09:18 UTC
    i love it, i really enjoy all the little useless(almost) things people do with perl
      And you can start any code with use less; to signify this, it will happily compile.
Re: Spinning World
by csuhockey3 (Curate) on Mar 01, 2004 at 18:19 UTC
    Even included the caribbean, Nice work -- great detail! Very cool!


      Thankyou for noticing! And the ; at bottom right is not a typo, it's a group of islands off the coast of Argentina that sparked a war in 1982. I included it out of respect for the many Perl Monks living there. :-)

Re: Spinning World
by bronto (Priest) on Mar 01, 2004 at 09:58 UTC
    Wooooooohhhh!!! SO GREAT!!! ++ for you!!!


    The very nature of Perl to be like natural language--inconsistant and full of dwim and special cases--makes it impossible to know it all without simply memorizing the documentation (which is not complete or totally correct anyway).
    --John M. Dlugosz
Re: Spinning World
by jbware (Chaplain) on Mar 05, 2004 at 10:42 UTC
    Very Impressive (and cool, although that's a given). Glad to see I'm inspiring, and thanks for the node acknowledgment. You know, when I was creating the world I thought rotation would be wild, but a PitA to do. Glad to see someone took it to the next level. Of course, you realize I'm now going to have to create an ever expanding and rotating galaxy :)

Re: Spinning World
by CloneArmyCommander (Friar) on Mar 03, 2004 at 17:22 UTC
    Neat "o" :). This must have taken you hours to finish :). It was also very cool of you to give credit to the node that inspired your project :), and even more cool that even though it's what inspired you, you have so much originality :).
      This must have taken you hours to finish :).

      I see from your very first post that you well understand how long it takes! Since mine has three maps inside it, just multiply by 3 to appreciate the pain^H^H^Hleasure I went thru. :-)

Re: Spinning World
by jao (Acolyte) on Mar 05, 2004 at 05:59 UTC
Re: Spinning World
by Kage (Scribe) on Mar 06, 2004 at 22:58 UTC
    Wow, now that was pretty damn cool. Very nicely done. How exactly do you have the patience for that sort of thing?

    “A script is what you give the actors. A program is what you give the audience.” ~ Larry Wall
      How exactly do you have the patience for that sort of thing?

      I love Perl.

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