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by g0n (Priest)
on Jan 12, 2005 at 10:04 UTC ( #421540=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??
<style> #XP_Nodelet { display:none; } </style>

31/10/09 - I'm back in circulation, kind of.
Secret node stash now hosted by Corion
My 52' narrowboat, NB Borderline, iced into the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

What I do
  • Professional stuff: Security specialist and web developer, mostly in Perl, with occasional excursions into PHP and Java.
  • Fun stuff: archer, hill & mountain walker & runner, gardener, boater, and many many other things.

What I'm doing at the moment:
  • Web developer

Other stuff

The big green thing in my homenode pic is my narrowboat. The UK has a network of approximately 2000 miles of canals (details here ). Much of the network was built to accomodate boats of less than 7' (2.1m) width, and up to 70' (21m) in length. Nowadays there is very little commercial traffic on the waterways, and they are mostly used for leisure cruising.


Visitors to YAPC::EU::2006 will have seen plenty of similar boats, as Birmingham has a maze of interconnecting canals throughout the city (link), although sadly I was in a hotel. At a maximum of 4mph, it would have taken a few days to get there, and work deadlines (and cupidity) stopped me taking any more time off than necessary.

Advanced DBI with Tim Bunce was oversubscribed, but where there's a will there's a way
Me and holli achieve the distinction of being the last to leave the post conference drink at Steigl Ambulanz
Name space

Why g0n?


For years I was unsure about using emoticons. I sort of felt that they were mostly a kids thing, and using them as an adult was sort of like trying to use the latest fashion driven slang hyperbole and looking like someones dad dancing at a teenagers party.

Then I discovered that they were invented by Scott Fahlman. See the beard and the hairline kiddywinks? He's an adult. Live with it :-)

(Its worth reading the whole thread from the link at the bottom of his page - I particularly like @= (posts about nuclear war) and ~= (flames)).

<g0n> Err, is that by design?
<ysth> the code looks intentional; does that constitute "design"?
g0n bursts out laughing.

g0n attempts to write marketing blurb for his business website and ends up feeling slightly soiled...
g0n: I *hate* using phrases like 'stakeholder'
atcroft: g0n: the "stakeholder" should be steady, and not afraid that the stakedriver might miss the stake... they should also be prepared (with crucifix, holy water, extra torches/batteries) in case the creature awakens, or something cues the "something really
atcroft: bad is about to happen" music...

XP Nodelet spoiler
Only kidding, the XP nodelet on my homenode is a fake. Had you going for a second though!

XP nodelet

Ack! You lost all your XP!
Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 XP.?
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