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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Last update: Jan 30, 2015 at 22:45 UTC
[Discipulus]++ choroba
[Discipulus]semantic mispelling erix was in the unique sense
[Discipulus]choroba the sentence you linked can be read as question too
[choroba]That's the point
[RonW]I'm also on SlashDot as well as a few embedded systems forums
[RonW]And why would eating spaghetti have anything to do with loneliness?
[erix]heh, I didn't notice you could read that sentence as *not* a question
[ambrus]spaghetti code?
[erix]you've got to think laterally
[Discipulus]nothing RonW indeed was a four people preparation.. was good enough
[Discipulus]ambrus!! now you have a story to tell
[ambrus]what story?
[Discipulus]who want listen to ambrus and his descent in to the white rabbiti hole?
[Discipulus]you left us with a 'i take the red pill like alice..'
[Discipulus]motto of the day: So,if no all glitter is gold, not all diamonds contain filehandle..
[ambrus]Yep. I was learning stuff about computers and how they do some of the things we take for granted.
[Discipulus]was really an Alice effect?
[ambrus]No, it was a matrix effect. I said I took the red pill and I'm starting to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
[ambrus]Alice isn't directly involved, only as much that the Matrix references it.
[Discipulus]there is something you can share, human redable content about the matter?
[MidLifeXis]Hmm, could someone else on windows verify that does not map to localhost...
[jellisii2]route print
[jellisii2]lists all the interface addresses.
[Discipulus]verified: is not localhost: you cannot share \\\C$
[MidLifeXis]That would explain it. Looks like and are routed explicitly, 127.0.0.*, OTOH, flows through
[MidLifeXis]rattin smattin rooten tooten.....
[jellisii2]arp -a and know your MAC address.
[jellisii2]whups... no that won't work... sorry.
[MidLifeXis]MidLifeXis is used to the entire 127.0.0.* being assigned to localhost, correctly or not :-)
[Discipulus]all the net? and why?
[MidLifeXis]ISTR the entire 254 addresses therin being valid for localhost.....
[MidLifeXis] specifies that the entire space reserved for the loopback interface.
[MidLifeXis]*sigh* no surprise, I guess. Yeah IT department.
[jellisii2]Reserved, not assigned.
[Discipulus]i recall only: is the loopback address
[mr_mischief]The standard is enough reason, unless you have a good enough reason to change the standard.
[MidLifeXis]jellisii2 - yeah, that still does not give a reason to have it redirect to a 10. address.
[Discipulus]good point jellisii2
[MidLifeXis]Not really. reserved for loopback has a very specific meaning - no other use allowed.
[jellisii2]is someone routing 127.0.0.x addresses for you, MidLifeXis?
[Discipulus]you have a static route for a 127 addr?
[MidLifeXis]MidLifeXis has used it in the past when testing web applications that I want to limit to on-host only. I prefer hosts over ports.
[jellisii2]And while I understand that you'd be dissapointed, remember that large swaths of ip space wasn't assigned until after 2000...
[jellisii2]I used to have to deal with a legacy network that was addressed with 200.x.x.x..
[MidLifeXis]Very true, but 127.x must not appear outside of the local host.
[MidLifeXis]by definition
[MidLifeXis]The local routing tables are just hosed.
[MidLifeXis].oO( by local IT definition :-) )
[MidLifeXis]Anyway, time to switch gears and close things down for the week.
[jellisii2]Check the footnotes. ;)
[Discipulus]good nite folks
[MidLifeXis]Not for this type of hardware - multiple data plane on a PC? ;-)
[MidLifeXis]I think it will be hard to make an argument that routing through the default route is a valid interpretation of the standard. :-)
[tye]I guess I need to go re-learn iptables yet again.
[LanX]LanX .oO( D. asking about S/N ratio has a certain irony...)
[MidLifeXis]MidLifeXis , creating noise? Say it isn't so!
[MidLifeXis]Oh wait, /me just checked cb60. *heh*

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[Discipulus]irony about me? ;=)
[Discipulus]midlife IIRC ambrus took a remote camera with as deault IP
[erix]erix .oO( ironyman? )
[MidLifeXis]That may be, if local to the device - as far as I am reading / experienced, however, it is not a valid off-host IP address.
[Discipulus]erix strikes the hammer while..
[tye]I tried to set up a test scenario using lots of 127.0.$x.$y IPs to simulate a multi-node cluster of services that I needed to test together. It didn't work out. I don't recall why.
[MidLifeXis]I would be interested to find documentation to the contrary, if anyone has some.
[MidLifeXis]I have done that in the past as well, tye
[tye]There must have been at least some things that refused to route to 127.0.$x.$y. (other than $x==0, $y==1)
[Discipulus]imho is pure bullshit, like that IP of microsoft, the automatic default bullshit
[ambrus]Discipulus: no, I don't think it was; it was some other bad choice, let me check
[erix]Irons reads Wasteland
[MidLifeXis]The only time I had issues were when the application bound to 0:port instead of to IP:port.
[erix]these americans are still working Discipulus, we must distract them a bit ;)
[tye]but applications are *supposed* to bind to 0:$port. Binding to $ip::$port is a very common mistake (sometimes a design mistake, more often not)
[MidLifeXis]I meant binding to 0:port even when it was requested to bind to ip:port.
[ambrus]dunno, I don't remember and I don't have the guide at me
[MidLifeXis]By default, yes, 0:port is quite sensible.
[tye]but maybe that was my problem. It has been too long.
[Discipulus]on friday even
[MidLifeXis]$bus minus 4 minutes.
[MidLifeXis]Still have 1.5 minutes until takeoff :-)
[MidLifeXis]and... liftoff. o/
[erix]Erdogan says he’s no sultan, but more like British Queen

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