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by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Last update: Apr 29, 2016 at 21:55 UTC
[RuZombieSlayer]choroba thanks for your reply, it was short and worked nicely. However considering the size of both my arrays being 400,000 elements each, do you think i should make them into a hash anyway? Performance wise do hashes work better with lots of data.
[AnomalousMonk]RuZombieSlayer: Hashes work just fine with "lots" of elements. 400K is (almost) nothing.
[RuZombieSlayer]Yea i was under the impression hashes would work fine, i was wondering if just using arrays was though. to me @1 = @2@3; seems more elegent and simple than creating a hash of words and and numbers. So i was wondering what the specific advantages of hash
[RuZombieSlayer]* @3 in square brackets
[tye]a contiguous array would be ever so slightly faster (and a bit smaller) than a hash. For most cases, the difference doesn't matter.
[RuZombieSlayer]ok great, thanks.
[AnomalousMonk]RuZombieSlayer "... just using arrays ...": I was trying to consider the encoding/decoding part also. Hashes are great for look-up.
[RuZombieSlayer]i see, thanks for that example. I may try and adapt it later on. Thanks :)
[kadrjo]new to perl, help
[AnomalousMonk]kadrjo: We cannot help you if you do not ask a question.
[kadrjo] I have 2 files (file1,file2). I would like to extract the columns from file2 that have their ids listed on file1. These are big files, with thousands columns and lines. File1: Id123B Id124A Id125A File2: Code sex id123B id127 id125A ............... de
[RuZombieSlayer]you could do what i'm doing and set yourself a goal to program something over a few months. When you have a goal you can begin to ask specific questions and learn a lot. i personally find that better than begginer tutorials.
[AnomalousMonk]kadrjo: Have you looked at perlintro? The Tutorials?
[AnomalousMonk]kadrjo: PleaseHow do I post a question effectively? How do I compose an effective node title? and How (Not) To Ask A Question
[AnomalousMonk]kadrjo: Your question above looks a bit long for the Chatterbox. Maybe better to post a formal question.
[kadrjo]okay thanks

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