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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[JohnCub]I appreciate all the help with this. I'll get it crammed into my head somehow. :)
[atcroft]JohnCub: Sorry-looked back at the cb history. You said the data you get is JSON? If memory serves, there are one or more modules that can be used to work with JSON data....
[JohnCub]it is json, and I have JSON::PP as a built in. I'm just trying to get the actual json data, inside this anonymous array, so I can call decode_json on it
[atcroft]JohnCub: I missed that part of the conversation (apologies-I'm a little low on [caffeine|sleep] at the moment).
[JohnCub]no trouble atcroft
[Cow1337killr]You can see the whole hour of the conversation: Click "How do I use this?" Click "I came in late to a conversation. Is there any way to see older messages?" Click "last hour of cb."
[Cow1337killr]I am no JSON expert.
[Cow1337killr]Go ahead and post a question to Perl Monks. What is the worst that can happen? They will demote you to an altar boy?
[Cow1337killr]We must use this gift from Larry.

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[jedikaiti]Cow1337killr++ #Go ahead and post a question to Perl Monks. What is the worst that can happen? They will demote you to an altar boy?
[jellisii2]From what I heard at YAPC this year, stack overflow is the preferred place... this makes me a sad panda.
[davido]Mostly I heard that people tend to gloss over the qualities that PM has that are not replaced by SO.
[jellisii2]I agree, but I'm not sure how to articulate that to those who (rightfully) point to the massive amount of inertia that SO has.
[jellisii2]This reminds me...
[GrandFather]I use SO Google hits for any non-Perl code related questions.
[davido]What I tend to observe as being PerlMonks strength is that it encourages discussion of techniques, rather than trying to select the One True Answer (tm)
[GrandFather]Haven't felt the need to ask a question there yet though
[talexb]Meh. SO is pretty good, but PM is home. :)
[davido]Often what SO provides is quite useful, particularly when I'm trying to just get the job done in some unfamiliar terratory. But as a means of promoting the evolution of a language and best practices, PM is better.
[talexb]davido I agree -- sometimes it's more interesting to read the various different choices that people suggest. TMTOWTDI.
[davido]This maybe used to be more of a one true way kind of place, but over the years has become tolerant of the exchange of ideas, even if they ideas aren't wrapped up in the polish that could be considered a complete answer.
[GrandFather]GrandFather heads off to SO for some Python answers in search of diversity
[erix]note to ENG: Never underestimate Icelanders: they are descended from people who looked at Iceland & said, "This looks like a nice place to live."
[jedikaiti]I go to SO when I'm googling for a quick answer. I come to PM for in-depth answers. And just 'cuz I like the Monks
[choroba]There's also reddit/r/perl
[choroba]BTW, I've just reached 100k XP on SO
[erix]but do they feel nice under your cushion too?
[choroba]and they sent me a congratulation email plus promised to send a box of "cool stuff" (I imagine a T shirt or coffee mug)
[erix]well, that's nice
[Cow1337killr]Stack Overflow cares about getting the answer to the question. PerlMonks cares about where Perl will be 5 years (pick a number) down the road AND getting the answer to the question.
[choroba]But I usually get better answers here
[jellisii2]speaking of, have the gods considered a mathod to sanely deal with perl6 questions?
[Cow1337killr]Congratulations, choroba.
[choroba]choroba . o O ( maybe my questions are too weird for SO )
[Cow1337killr]I am trying to get a handle on what "too weird" means on the Internet in 2016.
[jellisii2]"Using perl"
[perlfan]do Perl 6 questions need to be segregated?
[Cow1337killr]You have people at Google that are working on computers reading and understanding English. lol
[jellisii2]perlfan I do think so. The answers for any x will be pretty significantly different for perl6 than they are for perl5.
[perlfan]otherwise, may I suggest a in a large font, "NO PERL 6 QUESTIONS PLZ"
[Cow1337killr]I don't know much about Perl 6. I read Larry's announcement at Christmas. That's it.
[jellisii2]Perl6 looks like it'll be a great language. It'll feel like perl.
[perlfan]is taken then?
[jellisii2]But it's REALLY REALLY REALLY different.
[perlfan]it does look neat
[jellisii2]jellisii2 looks up the DC talk for "beginners"
[jellisii2]A great primer from Damian Conway.
[Cow1337killr]...and oh BTW, if you are interested in Perl 6, Larry will put you to work.
[perlfan]he had an unannounced part in Lembark's talk,
[jellisii2]I've already been sucked into trying to work out some of the documentation.
[jellisii2]per6pod is a bit... incomplete, it seems from what I've looked at so far.
[Cow1337killr]Speaking of the Damian, he is in Toronto now. He is going to give a talk.
[jellisii2]I have always known DC to be good with words, seeing him live was very enlighting to me.
[Cow1337killr]Damian Conway is speaking tonight:
[Cow1337killr]Thank you for the link to the YouTube video entitled "2016 - On The Shoulders Of Giants - Damian Conway".

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