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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[belg4mit]belg4mit wonders if Windows VPS can handle soft memory allocations
[belg4mit]We're looking at consolidating disparate uses, and one of them is statisical modelling. It needs a lot of RAM when processing, but does that is not all of the time. Having those resources free for other processes/VPSs seems useful
[jeffa]wrong ... you spin up an appropriate sized virtual server :)

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[jeffa]need more? spin old one down and spin up a new with more RAM
[jeffa]need less? you got it ...
[belg4mit]yes, well, the users won't be clueful enough for that.
[jeffa]why would the users even care?
[jeffa]they are not the ones providing the service, correct?
[tye]if you are buying a VPS from a provider (rather than some internal-to-your-company "cloud"), then, certainly, they allow oversubscription to memory resources and swap pages out (at multiple layers).
[belg4mit]They want/need to be able to randomly access the server to run their models. Plus, it'd be nice f the system DWIMmed
[moritz]in the Linux world, that'd sound like the perfect use case for containers
[belg4mit]tye Indeed? I know various hypervisors can handle it, as well as Linux, etc. clients, just not had much luck pinning down info for Windows clients
[jeffa]seems rather simple to solve?
[jeffa]also, if you use RESTful API you shoudn't have to worry about platform
[jeffa]and if you are using Windows servers ... then why man? just why?
[moritz]belg4mit what that means is they sell more RAM to virtual systems than the hypervisor has, and if all of that is ever used, the hypervisor starts to cheat
[belg4mit]Because of the modelling software they are using.
[belg4mit]Worse still, we're running Apple's database (FileMaker) on Windows :-P
[jeffa]ok ...
[belg4mit]Stata, economists love it, for some reason...
[jeffa]i hate to be the owners of your co :)
[jeffa]they must be feeling the clench
[jeffa]if not the owners than the managers trying to keep the owners appeased
[ambrus]moritz: right, because it's still cheaper to take the risk that in the rare case when all the passengers do show up, they tell some of them they can't get on
[ambrus]and give them some replacement ticket and some consolation money.
[ambrus]it results in people sometimes hating airlines, but oh whatever.
[jeffa]so there is a lot of software out there that does not run on Linux servers -- and companies have to figure ways to emulate and otherwise wrap that functionality because re-writing is too costly ... this is not a sustainalbe model for those apps
[jeffa]i know one company that had to emulate VAX in order to keep their POS systems alive
[jeffa]still doing it to this day
[belg4mit]ambrus ...or their cable provider
[moritz]ambrus there's also some other forms of cheating: you can ask your clients to install the VMWare client tools on their VMs, and when memory gets low on the hypervisor, the client tools start to "consume" more memory
[moritz]that is, they block memory so that the OS can't use it for other purposes
[ambrus]moritz: hehe, nice
[belg4mit]that sounds like a good way to violate TOS and get your node shut down :-P
[RonW]Sometimes it's really is less expensive/less risky to keep an old system running than to migrate
[RonW]but at least as often that ends up being a false economy
[moritz]well, if you have a mission-critical system, running the system isn't enough. If it's old-fashioned hardware, you have to keep spare parts available and stuff
[moritz]whereas with cloud services, you can let the provider worry about that
[jeffa]just pretend your company is not hemmoraging
[moritz]as well as access control to the hardware, bookkeeping etc.
[moritz]I work at a combined ISP, data center operator and IT services / cloud fu provider, so I get to see the various sides of the coins here
[jeffa]the bottom line is that for every such company in trouble ... there were plenty of good ideas that were not used because "that's just too much work and we are making too much money right now"
[moritz]also, don't forget proper disposal of disks. That's rather expensive, unless you do it at scale
[RonW]Speaking of VAX, years ago, a side project I did was to make a program to read tapes (yes, tapes) written by a VAX/VMS system. I just read the blocks in raw mode and was able to reverse engineer the format by refering to the old application my client was
[jeffa]it's also very risky, a lot of hacks due to disposing/selling old equipment
[moritz]oh, fun
[moritz]jeffa well, it's mostly a question of the employee's awareness of such matters (as well as providing the infrastructure to allow "proper" solutions)
[GotToBTru]how many storage places have racks of magnetic tapes, with a pile of red dust under each spool :)
[jeffa]i find most co-workers are better labeled as cow-orkers in reality
[Your Mother]Supersonic slit nozzle.
[atcroft].oO(Proper disposal of disks... /me prefers placing holes in the media, preferrably in either 0.355", 0.40", or 0.45" (9, 10.16, or 11.43 mm) diameters....)
[stevieb]when I worked at the ISP, I had a massive electromagnet. Plug it in, and BZZZZ, disk be dead
[tye]we stuck the degaussing magnet to the metal bookshelf so that when people hung out in the office bothering us and leaned against the bookshelf, all of their credit cards stopped working.
[jeffa]How to encode apostrophe and quote using XML::Writer? use another XML writing module :P

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