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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[Discipulus]tons of toons unreachable! the pc is unable to load the BIOS. the big domesic reinstall is a dread
[Corion]Ow... I have a neighbour's laptop with a broken harddrive (read errors, no sector to be read). I hope there was no important data that is not backed up somewhere...
[Corion]I also somewhat dread the Windows 7 reinstall that will be necessary with a new HD...
[marto]good morning all
[Discipulus]Discipulus wonders if it was a cosmic ray (as happened to zentara) or NSA because of his son browsing the web with TOR ..
[Corion]Discipulus: That's why I try to keep all media on a local HD (resp. mirrored set of local HDs)
[marto]a BIOS chip is simple and cheap to replace
[Corion]Hi marto!
[marto]hey Corion, how's things?

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[Discipulus]i think the data is still safe. i dread a possible re-setup of the system
[Discipulus]i read on a dell forum someone flshing the bios. but dunno how to do this step
[Discipulus]marto i'm not able to replace the bios chip
[Corion]Discipulus: Reflashing the BIOS on a Dell machine would be easy if the machine still boots to DOS. if the machine doesn't enter the BIOS at all, it's hard.
[Corion]If the machine enters the BIOS, you usually can load the new BIOS from an USB stick.
[Corion](at least for a newish BIOS)
[soonix]soonix once could rescue some "unreadable" data by cooling the hd with "ice packs" - no fill recovery, though
[marto]it is very rare for a BIOS to die IME
[soonix]I was my sister's hero anyway (amount of rescued data was significant)
[Discipulus]after crash i reached the bios only one time. after this the hardware complains with this error
[Corion]soonix: Yeah, but before I remove the HD and do experiments, I want to talk to the owner :) And I fear that there is some harder to diagnose failure in the HD, because no sector seems to be readable, or at least, no sector containing a partition table.
[marto]a lmgtfy link?
[marto]Corion, controller problem perhaps?
[Discipulus]i think i first try another power supply. if i find one
[Corion]marto: Yeah - I'll see once I open up the notebook and listen to the drive, as to whether it spins up, clicks, or moves the head... Maybe the read error is only in the low sectors, or maybe the device is mechanically broken, or the board is broken :-/
[Corion]Discipulus: Have you done a BIOS reset (shorting the appropriate jumper on the mainboard, if that's still how one does it)?
[Discipulus]not yet Corion
[Discipulus]it is the preferable first step?
[Corion]Discipulus: At least if the BIOS POST doesn't finish, I'd try to reset the initial values. Well, before shortening the jumper, I'd try for holding down INSERT while switching on the computer first.
[marto]Why try another power supply, do you know if there is anything wrong with it? Have you tested it?
[Corion]And as the very first step, I'd disconnect the power cable and wait five minutes. Some parts of the PC nowadays don't switch off even if the power supply is "switched off" (which is a lie)
[Discipulus]marto the crash occured after the washer machine caused the general power switch of the flat going down.
[Discipulus]thanks Corion
[soonix]perhaps a micro-fuse? ISTR older computers did have those...
[Corion]Discipulus: I would try those resets first before switching out the power supply. If your mainboard still boots up/displays stuff on screen, I don't think the power supply is outright broken. It might have subtle malfunctions, but that would result in..
[marto]Discipulus, test things before making changes, the same as software. It's more likely that a spike has damaged something on the board than the PSU IME
[oiskuu]I had a laptop hdd failure just recently. the zero-ohm resistor (~ fuse) on 5volt line blown. replaced this and it runs again...
[Discipulus]thanks marto in hardware i'm still worst than with software! with spike you mean a physical one or electrical shok?
[marto]electrical spike, cheap/poor quality PSUs often don't filter very well
[oiskuu]Discipulus, your PC is/was 11 years old?
[Discipulus]yes, only 11 yo. i cannot stand things that became useless before 30 yo.. ;=)
[oiskuu]Well, in that case I'd expect you can find a replacement box for $5 or so
[ambrus]Can you point me to a script that tries to guess the interface language of a user from the quote headers in reply email messages they write?
[Corion]ambrus: Hmm - interesting task... I'm not sure how to best fish out the On Thursday, 18th, Zsban Ambrus wrote: line...
[Corion](sorry for not including the diacritics)
[Corion]Maybe /wrote|écrit|schrieb|schreef/ is enough to identify the line (+language) already :-))
[Corion]I don't know of a large and diverse enough corpus to do some analysis on that. Maybe some newsgroups ...
[Corion]There is Lingua::Identify...
[Discipulus]thanks a lot guys for attention and suggestion. tomorrow you 'll know results of mine: "Come back to life, old hardware!"
[oiskuu]large and diverse corpus? how about the old usenet?
[oiskuu]or have things changed in the 15 years? google mangles everything i think
[Corion]Duh - the easiest approach would likely be to just scrape all Thunderbird localization packs and extract the prefixes from there :-D
[Corion]Now you just have to find the different values for the reply header settings and you're all set ;-D
[ambrus]It's more words than that. Some quote headers don't have "wrote", but instead have "From" or such things.
[ambrus]but yes, searching for date-like stuff followed by "wrote" or such things followed by bird feet indents might help

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