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Re: Unusual sorting requirements; comparing three implementations.

by moritz (Cardinal)
on Oct 24, 2012 at 17:11 UTC ( #1000670=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Unusual sorting requirements; comparing three implementations.

You can exploit that fact that sort is stable, and do two passes over the data:

sub two_pass { my @sorted = sort { $b->title =~ /Manager/ <=> $a->title =~ /Manager/ } sort { $a->name cmp $b->name } @employees; }

Moo wouldn't install on my machine, so I used Mo instead for benchmarking:

Rate obvious subtle two_pass functional obvious 173/s -- -22% -30% -61% subtle 222/s 28% -- -11% -50% two_pass 249/s 44% 12% -- -44% functional 444/s 156% 100% 79% --

Of course it does more than necessary (splitting into managers and non-managers first is less work, because the lists to sort are shorter), but the speed still isn't too bad.

Update: and here's a Perl 6 solution:

use v6; class Person { has $.name; has $.title; } sub person($name, $title) {$name, :$title) }; my @employees = person("Eve", "Tech Support"), person("Alice", "Sales Manager"), person("Dave", "Janitor"), person("Fred", "Receptionist"), person("Bob", "Customer Services"), person("Greg", "Finance Manager"), person("Carol", "Marketing Manager"), ; my @sorted = @employees.classify({ .title ~~ /Manager/ ?? 'manager' !! 'staff'} +)\*.value.sort(*.name)); say .perl for @sorted;

Output: => "Alice", title => "Sales Manager") => "Carol", title => "Marketing Manager") => "Greg", title => "Finance Manager") => "Bob", title => "Customer Services") => "Dave", title => "Janitor") => "Eve", title => "Tech Support") => "Fred", title => "Receptionist")

.classify returns a Hash, and .sort on a Hash returns a list of Pair object, sorted by key and then by value. Since 'manager' lt 'staff', this puts all the managers first. Then each of the lists is sorted by name.

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