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Re: win32api::commport install fails

by bulk88 (Priest)
on Nov 01, 2012 at 19:18 UTC ( #1001865=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to win32api::commport install fails

Fixed my cpan shell setup (compared to Re: win32api::commport install fails).
cpan> install Win32API::CommPort Fetching with LWP: Fetching with LWP: Fetching with LWP: Database was generated on Mon, 12 Mar 2012 05:39:42 GMT Updating database file ... Gathering information from index files ... Obtaining current state of database ... Populating database tables ... Done! Running install for module 'Win32API::CommPort' Running make for B/BB/BBIRTH/Win32-SerialPort-0.22.tar.gz Fetching with LWP: +-0.22.tar. gz Fetching with LWP: Checksum for C:\sperl\cpan\sources\authors\id\B\BB\BBIRTH\Win32-Serial +Port-0.22. tar.gz ok Scanning cache C:\sperl\cpan\build for sizes ...................................................................... +......DONE Going to build B/BB/BBIRTH/Win32-SerialPort-0.22.tar.gz found result=0, file=COM1 Win32::SerialPort and Win32API::CommPort VERSION 0.22 A 'Makefile' created for those with 'make' or users. It will test using PORT = COM1. To test using a different PORT, run again specifying: 'perl Makefile.PL TESTPORT=<PORT>' The normal 'Mantra' would then apply: make make test make install For those without 'make' or an equivalent like 'nmake' or 'dmake' ther +e are perl-only scripts which do the same things: Test with: perl nomake_test Install with: perl nomake_install Test with nothing connected to COM1. PORT is not verified present and accessible until tests run. Timeout tests can take up to 30 seconds per test. Creating new t/ Creating new nomake_test Creating new nomake_install Checking if your kit is complete... Looks good Writing Makefile for Win32::SerialPort Could not read metadata file. Falling back to other methods to determi +ne prerequ isites cp lib/Win32/ blib\lib\Win32\ cp lib/Win32API/ blib\lib\Win32API\ BBIRTH/Win32-SerialPort-0.22.tar.gz C:\sperl\c\bin\dmake.EXE -- OK Running make test C:\sperl\perl\bin\perl.exe "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harnes +s(0, 'blib \lib', 'blib\arch')" t/*.t t/test1.t .. ok t/test2.t .. ok t/test3.t .. ok t/test4.t .. ok t/test5.t .. ok t/test6.t .. 1/? SetCommState failed at t/test6.t line 306 t/test6.t .. ok t/test7.t .. ok All tests successful. Files=7, Tests=1808, 61 wallclock secs ( 0.24 usr + 0.06 sys = 0.30 +CPU) Result: PASS BBIRTH/Win32-SerialPort-0.22.tar.gz C:\sperl\c\bin\dmake.EXE test -- OK Running make install Prepending C:\sperl\cpan\build\Win32-SerialPort-0.22-Gz506L/blib/arch +C:\sperl\c pan\build\Win32-SerialPort-0.22-Gz506L/blib/lib to PERL5LIB for 'insta +ll' Installing C:\sperl\perl\site\lib\Win32\ Installing C:\sperl\perl\site\lib\Win32API\ Appending installation info to C:\sperl\perl\lib/perllocal.pod BBIRTH/Win32-SerialPort-0.22.tar.gz C:\sperl\c\bin\dmake.EXE install UNINST=1 -- OK cpan> o conf $CPAN::Config options from C:\sperl\perl\lib/CPAN/ commit [Commit changes to disk] defaults [Reload defaults from disk] help [Short help about 'o conf' usage] init [Interactive setting of all options] applypatch [] auto_commit [1] build_cache [10] build_dir [C:\sperl\cpan\build] build_dir_reuse [0] build_requires_install_policy [yes] bzip2 [] cache_metadata [0] check_sigs [0] colorize_debug undef colorize_output [0] colorize_print [bold blue on_white] colorize_warn [bold red on_white] commandnumber_in_prompt [0] commands_quote undef connect_to_internet_ok undef cpan_home [C:\sperl\cpan] curl [] dontload_hash undef dontload_list undef ftp [C:\WINDOWS\system32\ftp.EXE] ftp_passive [1] ftp_proxy [] ftpstats_period undef ftpstats_size undef getcwd [cwd] gpg [] gzip [ ] halt_on_failure undef histfile [C:\sperl\cpan\histfile] histsize [100] http_proxy [] inactivity_timeout [0] index_expire [1] inhibit_startup_message [0] keep_source_where [C:\sperl\cpan\sources] load_module_verbosity [none] lynx [] make [C:\sperl\c\bin\dmake.EXE] make_arg [] make_install_arg [UNINST=1] make_install_make_command undef makepl_arg [] mbuild_arg [] mbuild_install_arg [--uninst 1] mbuild_install_build_command undef mbuildpl_arg [] ncftp [] ncftpget [] no_proxy [] pager [C:\WINDOWS\system32\more.COM] password undef patch [C:\sperl\c\bin\patch.exe] patches_dir undef perl5lib_verbosity undef prefer_external_tar undef prefer_installer [MB] prefs_dir [C:\sperl\cpan\prefs] prerequisites_policy [follow] proxy_pass undef proxy_user undef randomize_urllist undef scan_cache [atstart] shell [C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe] show_unparsable_versions [0] show_upload_date [1] show_zero_versions [0] tar [ ] tar_verbosity [none] term_is_latin [0] term_ornaments [0] test_report [0] trust_test_report_history undef unzip [] urllist 0 [] 1 [] use_sqlite [1] username undef version_timeout undef wait_list undef wget [] yaml_load_code [0] yaml_module [YAML] cpan>
You said you installed a loopback device on your serial port, disconnect it and try to install again. I have a physical 9 pin serial port on COM1 with nothing attached when I have the above. Maybe the test was designed to have nothing attached during the test, just like it would be on a cpan tester's machine.

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Re^2: win32api::commport install fails (nothing)
by tye (Sage) on Nov 01, 2012 at 22:31 UTC
    Maybe the test was designed to have nothing attached during the test

    I believe that is why the output you quoted contains:

    Test with nothing connected to COM1.


    - tye        

Re^2: win32api::commport install fails
by ccherri (Acolyte) on Nov 05, 2012 at 21:57 UTC

    Not sure why, but it worked!

    Ran install with loopback installed and it failed, said there was a modem on com1. Removed it and tried again and it passed. I did try both ways last week with failing results. The only difference I see, beside the beers over the weekend, is running install from cpan shell, rather than cpanm from command window prompt.

    Either way, it was enough of a hint and it worked. PerlMonks comes through again. Thanks folks!

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