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Re^10: looping logic error while printing output from folder/flie content

by marto (Archbishop)
on Dec 19, 2012 at 19:53 UTC ( #1009622=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^9: looping logic error while printing output from folder/flie content
in thread looping logic error while printing output from folder/flie content

"THINK AND ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"have a bit of sense or think before what you say."

It's a shame you can't take your own advice.

"Well if i could have understand Graff script at first. I wouldn't be continuing to write comments."

If you don't understand something the first time you look at something you just give up and ask someone else to do your job?

"Secondly am still very new to perl. so i asked him to put a breif comments so that it will help to understand what it does."

Someone gave you a script to solve your problem. If you don't understand what it does why don't you actually spend time and effort into learning what it does. This is often a good way to learn something. Asking someone to comment each line explaining what it does should be left as an exercise to the reader IMHO. Again you seem like your asking others to do your work for you. Your post history would seem to agree with this. From What is PerlMonks?:

PerlMonks is:

  • An attempt to make learning Perl as non-intimidating and easy to use as possible.
  • A place for individuals to polish, improve, and showcase their Perl skills.
  • A community which allows everyone to grow and learn from each other.

Asking someone to document the script they've given you seems lazy and doesn't fit into the criteria above. Perhaps you'd care to explain how you tried to understand the code you were given? I think you'd benefit from reading and understanding What is PerlMonks?, PerlMonks for the Absolute Beginner and some of the other posts linked to in Getting Started with PerlMonks.

You're either being paid to do this task or it's home/course work. So consider taking the time to actually examine each line, check the check the Perl documentation and work out what it does via experimentation. I already informed you of resources for learning Perl.

"If you can't explain that's fine with me but don't ever write/think comment what comes to your mind.

What makes you think you're in a position to tell others what to do and what not to do?

"It my kind advice"

Thanks. Your exclamation mark key seems to stick, consider investing in a new keyboard.

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