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Re^2: How to change these small one-liners into Perl6 code?

by ABCXYZ (Novice)
on Dec 23, 2012 at 18:44 UTC ( #1010110=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: How to change these small one-liners into Perl6 code?
in thread How to change these small one-liners into Perl6 code?

First, thank you very much.

>1: print '218'.subst(rx/^18/, 3);

Great, this works for me.
It was a real effort for me to figure out how "s///r" works in Perl6... It turned out to have a completely different syntax, but I do miss the Perl5's version: it's so concise, and since it is like a mother language, it can't be obfuscated anyway. I hope Perl6 can still allow the Perl5's sed syntax, conforming to TMTOWTDI. :-)

>2: this is supposed to work with substr-rw, but doesn't with current rakudo.

I see.

>3: Sorry, I don't even understand what this code does in Perl 5. Modifying and using a variable in the same statement is very detrimal for readability.

I will explain these code in the next post.

>4: labels and goto aren't implemented in Rakudo. You can use prompt, or for lines() { } (since lines() is a lazy list, it doesn't read all the lines upfront; this was broken in some earlier Rakudo versions, but should be fine in the 2012-12 and possibly the 2012-11 releases).

I am using version 2012-11, and it is slurping. but I wonder is the parentheses with "lines()" mandatory? It doesn't seem like Perl's style though?

>I can recommend hanging out in the #perl6 IRC channel, we try to be helpful and friendly (and we succeed most of the time :-).

I will try that.

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