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Re^2: Estimating computation time perl scripts

by roboticus (Chancellor)
on Dec 27, 2012 at 14:23 UTC ( #1010537=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Estimating computation time perl scripts
in thread Estimating computation time perl scripts

Close, but it's a bit more like this:

$ cat my @files = qw/ a b c d e f g /; my $total_steps = int @files; my $step = 0; for my $file ( @files ){ $step ++; my $t = rand; $t *= 3 while $step / $total_steps - .01 > rand; print "$t\n"; sleep $t; print "\rStep $step / $total_steps\n"; select undef, undef, undef, 0.3; } print "Done\n"; $ perl 0.692567903622152 Step 1 / 7 1.5466213811873 Step 2 / 7 1.80846504071083 Step 3 / 7 0.564190293187867 Step 4 / 7 2.93620287911233 Step 5 / 7 0.822297130956301 Step 6 / 7 1.016940946008e+38 ^C

... according to my son who's trying to download a game from Steam.


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