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Re: What modules are shipped with ActivePerl on Windows in the default installation?

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Jan 08, 2013 at 16:27 UTC ( #1012278=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to What modules are shipped with ActivePerl on Windows in the default installation?

The simplest way would be to install a virgin copy of the appropriate build and then run the command:

ppm query *

It produces a list of all the installed packages that looks like this (truncated):

C:\test>ppm query * +--------------------------------------------------------------------- +--------------------------------------------+ ¦name ¦version ¦abstract + ¦area¦ +--------------------------+-----------+------------------------------ +---------------------------------------+----¦ ¦ActivePerl-CPAN-Config ¦1.0 ¦Default configuration for CPAN ¦perl¦ ¦ActivePerl-Config ¦1.4 ¦Override the ActivePerl config +uration ¦perl¦ ¦ActivePerl-DocTools ¦2.4 ¦Maintain HTML documentation + ¦perl¦ ¦ActivePerl-IIS-Config ¦1.0 ¦ActivePerl IIS Configuration U +tility ¦perl¦ ¦ActivePerl-PPM ¦4.17 ¦The Perl Package Manager + ¦perl¦ ¦ActiveState-PerlCritic ¦10.0 ¦PerlCritic GUI + ¦perl¦ ¦ActiveState-RelocateTree ¦1.4 ¦Move perl distribution to new +location ¦perl¦ ¦ActiveState-Scineplex ¦1.1 ¦Perl extension to access Scine +plex code lexer ¦perl¦ ¦ActiveState-Utils ¦2.10 ¦ActiveState's utility modules + ¦perl¦ ¦Algorithm-C3 ¦0.08 ¦A module for merging hierarchi +es using the C3 algorithm ¦perl¦ ¦Algorithm-Diff ¦1.1902 ¦Compute `intelligent' differen +ces between two files / lists ¦perl¦ ¦Archive-Extract ¦0.60 ¦Generic archive extracting mec +hanism ¦perl¦ ¦Archive-Tar ¦1.88 ¦Manipulates TAR archives + ¦perl¦ ¦Archive-Zip ¦1.30 ¦Provide an interface to ZIP ar +chive files. ¦perl¦ ¦Attribute-Handlers ¦0.93 ¦Simpler definition of attribut +e handlers ¦perl¦ ¦AutoLoader ¦5.72 ¦load subroutines only on deman +d ¦perl¦ ¦B-Debug ¦1.17 ¦Walk Perl syntax tree, printin +g debug info about ops ¦perl¦ ¦B-Keywords ¦1.12 ¦Lists of reserved barewords an +d symbol names ¦perl¦ ¦B-Lint ¦1.13 ¦Perl lint + ¦perl¦ ¦Bit-Vector ¦7.2 ¦unknown + ¦perl¦ ¦ ¦3.59 ¦ + ¦perl¦ ¦CPAN ¦1.9800 ¦query, download and build perl + modules from CPAN sites ¦perl¦ ¦CPAN-Meta ¦2.120630 ¦the distribution metadata for +a CPAN dist ¦perl¦ ¦CPAN-Meta-YAML ¦0.008 ¦Read and write a subset of YAM +L for CPAN Meta files ¦perl¦ ¦CPANPLUS ¦0.9121 ¦API & CLI access to the CPAN m +irrors ¦perl¦ ¦CPANPLUS-Dist-Build ¦0.62 ¦CPANPLUS plugin to install pac +kages that use Build.PL ¦perl¦ ¦Carp ¦1.25 ¦alternative warn and die for m +odules ¦perl¦ ¦Carp-Clan ¦6.04 ¦Report errors from perspective + of caller of a "clan" of modules ¦perl¦ ¦Class-Accessor ¦0.34 ¦Faster, but less expandable, a +ccessors ¦perl¦ ¦Class-C3 ¦0.24 ¦A pragma to use the C3 method +resolution order algortihm ¦perl¦ ¦Class-Data-Inheritable ¦0.08 ¦Inheritable, overridable class + data ¦perl¦ ¦Class-Load ¦0.13 ¦a working (require "Class::Nam +e") and more ¦perl¦ ¦Class-Load-XS ¦0.03 ¦XS implementation of parts of +Class::Load ¦perl¦ ¦Class-Method-Modifiers ¦1.10 ¦provides Moose-like method mod +ifiers ¦site¦ ¦Class-XSAccessor ¦1.14 ¦Generate fast XS accessors wit +hout runtime compilation ¦site¦ ...

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