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Re^3: Optimization Help on Perl Hash Traversal (eval use)

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Feb 07, 2013 at 01:52 UTC ( #1017540=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Optimization Help on Perl Hash Traversal (eval use)
in thread Optimization Help on Perl Hash Traversal (eval use)

Your 3 snippets can be easily converted to (far more readable) subroutines thus:

'sub { my( $call_ids, $call_id, $index ) = @_; ceil( ( $call_ids->{$call_id}->{$index}->{duration_milliseconds} / 1 +000. ) / 6 ) * 6 / 60; }' 'sub { my( $call_ids, $call_id, $index ) = @_; if($call_ids->{$call_id}->{$index}->{ release_code } == 503 ){ 1; } else{ 0; } }' 'sub { my( $call_ids, $call_id, $index ) = @_; my $route = $call_ids->{$call_id}{$index}{ route }; my $src_state = $call_ids->{$call_id}{$index}{ o_state }; my $dest_state = $call_ids->{$call_id}{$index}{ t_state }; my $juris_indicator = 'f'; if( !$src_state ){ $juris_indicator = 'c'; } elsif( $src_state eq $dest_state ){ $juris_indicator = 'a'; }else { $juris_indicator = 'b'; }; $route =~ /^[a|b|c](1[2-9][0-9]{2}[2-9][0-9]{2})/; $corrected_route = $juris_indicator . $1; $corrected_route = $route if $route =~ /loop|none|lnp_error|no_jur +is_digits/; $corrected_route = $route if !$corrected_route; join ',', $call_ids->{$call_id}{$index}{ day }, $call_ids->{$call_id}{$index}{ day_chunk }, $call_ids->{$call_id}{$index}{ o_trunk }, $call_ids->{$call_id}{$index}{ t_trunk }, $call_ids->{$call_id}{$index}{ route }, $corrected_route; }'

Once you have loaded them into your $agg_snippets hash, those text snippets can be replaced by instantiated subroutines in one pass using eval like this:

$agg_snippets{ $_ }{snippet} = eval $agg_snippets{ $_ }{snippet} for k +eys %{ $agg_snippets };

Then later, when you are processing the %$call_ids hash, you can invoke them like this:

for my $this_call_id ( sort keys %$call_ids ) { $count++; next if !$this_call_id; my $route_attempts = 0; for my $this_index ( sort keys %{ $call_ids->{ $this_call_id } } +) { $route_attempts++; foreach $aggregate_name ( keys %{ $agg_snippets } ){ my $this_group_data = eval $grouping_data_eval; $summary_data->{$this_group_data}{$aggregate_name} = 0 if + !$summary_data->{$this_group_data}->{$aggregate_name}; $summary_data->{$this_group_data}{$aggregate_name} += $agg_snippets->{$aggregate_name}{snippet}->( $call_id +s, $this_call_id, $this_index ); # ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ +^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ } } }

That still leaves the eval of the $grouping_data_eval, which you give no information for, but it should also be possible to eliminate that eval by instantiating it into a subroutine once near the top of the code.

The overall effect should be to substantially speed up the processing. (BTW: Note how much clearer things are with: a) a little formatting; b) the omission of unnecessary punctuation; c) a little extra horizontal whitespace.)

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