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Re^3: Connecting to sqlserver2008 - DBD::Sybase connectivity and unixODBC issue

by mje (Curate)
on Feb 12, 2013 at 13:55 UTC ( #1018363=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Connecting to sqlserver2008 - DBD::Sybase connectivity and unixODBC issue
in thread Connecting to sqlserver2008 - DBD::Sybase connectivity and unixODBC issue

You are better having a full path to the driver in the odbcinst.ini file as it will only work if your relative path is correct for the directory you are in.

I don't use the ODBC driver you are using as the company I work for wrote its own SQL Server ODBC Driver. The error is saying the ODBC driver manager attempted to call SQLAllocHandle to allocate an environment and the driver returned the error IM004. This is almost always the very first call an ODBC application will make. Your driver probably needs something set in your shell environment e.g., an environment variable - but that is just a guess as I don't use that ODBC driver (what does the driver documentation say).

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Re^4: Connecting to sqlserver2008 - DBD::Sybase connectivity and unixODBC issue
by venu_hs (Novice) on Feb 12, 2013 at 14:15 UTC

    The path in the odbcinst.ini file is an absolute path... i just removed it while posting here...sorry about that.. I am not sure if i have any documentation... As i am following up the process of DSN-less connection and ODBCINI file is not relevant here....Could you please provide me with more details...on how to implement this... Many Thanks

      I can help with the ODBC setup, files etc (since I've written an ODBC driver and contributed to unixODBC) but I've never used the driver you are using. It looks like it needs something set up outside of normal ODBC (e.g. like an env var) but I cannot tell you what that is (e.g. with IBM's DB2 driver you have to DB2_INSTANCE env var or you get exactly the same error you are getting). Surely Microsoft have some docs to tell you what you need to do or perhaps the installer set something in your environment and you are logged in as someone else - just a guess. I'm surprised the installer did not create a driver section in your driver manager files for you.

        We are trying for all the possibilities for connectivity. Could you please give me any info regarding sybase interfaces file.... Also any links regarding the steps to be followed for achieving sql server connectivty from Perl. Thank you very much!!

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