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Re: Learning how to program (for youngsters of any age)

by c-era (Curate)
on Aug 03, 2001 at 17:18 UTC ( #101967=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Learning how to program (for youngsters of any age)

I've been teaching my 11 year old nephiew. I started out with perl, but it wasn't long until he wanted to make something "cool". I desided to use blender. It's a 3-d modeling and rendering program that also has a game engine. I just made some 3-d models for him to use in his games. The language used for many things in blender is . . . on second thought I won't speak that unholy word ;) He is now also interested in learning how to create 3-d models. All in all it has worked out well.
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