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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?


by rnewsham (Chaplain)
on Mar 06, 2013 at 11:19 UTC ( #1021995=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

About me
I have been programming for 14 years and work for my self as a perl developer. Originally from Yorkshire and currently living in the East Midlands with my partner and our two children.

Why I Use perl
I have tried many languages over the years and I always found the nuances of syntax for each counter-intuitive. Then 7 years ago I took a job with a web hosting company which almost exclusively used perl. Starting out learning perl programming was an absolute joy. Rather than struggling with syntax I found myself typing commands as I thought they should be constructed and being pleasantly surprised to find I was right. Finally I had found a language that thought the way I did and I have not looked back since. That combined with the seemingly endless supply of modules available via cpan to solve problems that I have not even thought of yet.

What I use perl for
My primary focus is on server management/monitoring for linux servers and building bespoke online business solutions. Tasks for which I find perl more than capable.

Some of my projects with perl

  • Multiple server monitoring and management control panel
  • Virtual server automated deployment, configuration and resource management
  • Business CRM systems
  • Website CMS
  • Email marketing management
  • Website statistics reports incorporating Google Analytics api
  • Various bespoke business software solutions for Pryanet

Why I joined the monastery
After many years of lurking and absorbing knowledge I felt it was time that I tried to give something back to the community and help the next generation of perl programmers.

Nottingham Perl Mongers
If you are in the vicinity of Nottingham why not come join us for one of our meetings. Details of our next meetings can be found at

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[Corion]: Hmm. I think overnight I decided on simplifying some code. I have plugin classes that do data import (.csv, .yml, .json) and for that create objects on which then ->load() is called. But YAML::XS doesn't have an object, so I wrote my own wrapper.
[Corion]: This evening, I'll kill that wrapper again, and just call LoadFile() in the plugin class directly instead of creating a go-between object for no real gain.
[Corion]: Writing these import plugins was really nice though - in about 2 hours, I had imports for CSV, YAML and JSON, and adding XLS(X), SQLite (or DBI) data sources is also trivial. I'm idly wondering about separating the plugin into transport+parser, so ...
[Corion]: ... http:// URLs could be retrieved and then parsed, but I think that that would be overkill for a toy static site generator ;)

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