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Re^4: dbd odbc sql big file blues

by CaptainDaddy (Initiate)
on Mar 20, 2013 at 18:51 UTC ( #1024593=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: dbd odbc sql big file blues
in thread dbd odbc sql big file blues

The below code works as desired, as you will notice I switched to DBD:Sybase,

> perl<br> the file table is there!!!<br> did succeed. size: 75<br> did succeed. size: 150<br> did succeed. size: 300<br> did succeed. size: 600<br> did succeed. size: 1200<br> did succeed. size: 2400<br> did succeed. size: 4800<br> did succeed. size: 9600<br> did succeed. size: 19200<br> did succeed. size: 38400<br> did succeed. size: 76800<br> did succeed. size: 153600<br> did succeed. size: 307200<br> did succeed. size: 614400<br> did succeed. size: 1228800<br> did succeed. size: 2457600<br> did succeed. size: 4915200<br> did succeed. size: 9830400<br> did succeed. size: 19660800<br> did succeed. size: 39321600<br> did succeed. size: 78643200<br>

> cat
#connect to the database, set some properties
$user = "...";
$pass = "...";
$force= DBI->connect("$dsn",$user,$pass) or die "can't

$fetchcmd= $dbh->prepare($cmd);
if(@row= $fetchcmd->fetchrow_array){
print "the file table is there!!!\n";
}else {
$createCmd=$dbh->prepare("create table $fileTableName (fileColumn VARBINARY(MAX) not null)");
$createCmd->execute() or die "can't create table";
$insertCmd=$dbh->prepare("insert into $configTableName (fileColumn) values (?)");

$insertcmd= $dbh-> prepare("insert into $fileTableName (fileColumn) values (CONVERT(varbinary(max),?))");

# 350kBites -> largest number is 2^(8*350000)-1
for($i = 75; $i<2**280000;$i=$i*2){
$insertcmd->execute() or print" not ";
print " succeed. size: $sz\n";

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Re^5: dbd odbc sql big file blues
by mje (Curate) on Mar 21, 2013 at 09:45 UTC

    Glad your working now. You've totally changed your stack now as you are now using a different Perl module and you're not using the freeTDS ODBC driver any more. I tried the freeTDS ODBC driver and got the same problem you did.

      One strange thing: I'm using the servername in my DSN that I defined in freetds.conf. So am I or aren't I using freeTDS with dbd::Sybase?

        I've never used DBD::Sybase but I believe all you need is a CT lib which both the Sybase Open Client and freeTDS can provide. Which libraray you are using depends on how DBD::Sybase was built and what you have on your machine.

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