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Re^6: Generic Data Collection

by Deep_Plaid (Acolyte)
on Mar 31, 2013 at 17:37 UTC ( #1026373=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: Generic Data Collection
in thread Generic Data Collection

Excellent, POJ. This works well. I need to piece through your code to understand exactly what is doing, but I wondered if you could expand on this approach to help me in my next step. I need to identify the ten oldest PIDS and then them through another command. For simplicity, I'll just select the 2 oldest for this example. Once I identify those PIDS, I need to run the command:

lmutil lmremove -h $PRODUCT $flexlmserver 27000 $PID[x]

Where $PIDx would be the two oldest (or whatever # I want to select) PIDS. I'm sure this can be done using your approach, but I have no idea of the syntax. Thanks so much for your time.

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Re^7: Generic Data Collection
by poj (Prior) on Mar 31, 2013 at 19:23 UTC
    This simple example assumes you don't want to capture the output of the command or check for success
    while ( <DATA> ) { my @wanted = ( split )[ 0, 5, 9 ]; $wanted[1] =~ s/\D//g; $wanted[2] = sprintf "%05s",$wanted[2]; push @parsed, \@wanted; } my @sorted_by_time = sort { $a->[2] cmp $b->[2] } @parsed; # oldest my $LIMIT = 2; my $count = 0; for (@sorted_by_time){ my $PID = $_->[1]; system("lmutil lmremove -h $PRODUCT $flexlmserver 27000 $PID"); last if ++$count >= $LIMIT }

      I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! Thanks, POJ. This is exactly what I need and it is working. I would like to capture output and check for success. I will work on ways to do that today, but if you have any suggestions on that, I would greatly appreciate it. You've been a great help and I have learned a lot. Thanks so much.

      I have another question about this code. Today was I was able to test this live and I have discovered there are cases where my data is not aligned correctly. I have been able to use a regex to address the problem, but the data set I am correcting is not getting loaded into the array. Here's the code:

      my $license_cmd = "lmutil lmstat -f $PRODUCT"; my @parsed; open LICENSES, "$license_cmd |" || die "Can't execute ($license_cmd) \ +n$!\n"; while (<LICENSES>) { my $data_line = $_; # Post FlexLM Version 7.0 - Find max number of licenses available if ($data_line =~ /Total of (\d+) licenses issued/) { $MAX_LIC = $1; } # Identify the lines of output that contain user license info elsif ($data_line =~ /\, start /) { # Remove leading spaces from the lines $data_line =~ s/^\s+//g; # Remove duplicate data from the lines (web logons) $data_line =~ tr/-//d; # Remove hyphens to remove the duplicat +e server name $data_line =~ s/(\b\w+\b)(\s*\1)+/$1/g; # Remove duplicate ser +ver name print "\n$data_line"; # <-- test results of data changes # Load user name, PID and Start Time into array USAGE_INFO my @USAGE_INFO = ( split)[ 0, 5, 9 ]; $USAGE_INFO[1] =~ s/\D//g; $USAGE_INFO[2] = sprintf "%05s",$USAGE_INFO[2]; push @parsed, \@USAGE_INFO; } } close LICENSES;

      The problem appears to be the line:

      my @USAGE_INFO = ( split )[ 0, 5, 9 ]; getting it's data directly from the raw data produced by the license command in the open file LICENSES. This makes sense, since I am massaging the data in $data_line. I have read up on SPLIT and array creations and have tried the following to build the @USAGE_INFO array with $data_line, but I can't seem to get it to work:

      my @USAGE_INFO = ( split )[ 0, 5, 9 ], $data_line; my @USAGE_INFO = ( split ($data_line) )[ 0, 5, 9 ];

      Any further help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

        my @USAGE_INFO = ( split /\s+/,$data_line )[ 0, 5, 9 ];

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