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Re: wxPerl: is BitmapFromImage implemented? (no;sleep;docs)

by Anonymous Monk
on Apr 29, 2013 at 08:26 UTC ( #1031182=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to wxPerl: is BitmapFromImage implemented?

Is BitmapFromImage implemented in wxPerl?

No, BitmapFromImage doesn't exist, so it can't possibly be implement, there is no such thing as

What am I missing?

I guess sleep

Go to and search for "bitmap" and you'll have your answer in about 5 seconds

Or go to and search for "wxImage"

Another avenue  [ddg:// Wx::Image Wx::Bitmap ] , [google:// Wx::Image Wx::StaticBitmapBitmap], ... Wx::Image Wx::StaticBitmapBitmap, Wx::Image Wx::StaticBitmapBitmap ...
-> Re^2: wxPerl image handling (short & sweet). (iewxPerl Tutorial 2)
-> Using wxMemoryDC to draw on a jpeg
-> Re^5: What's wrong with this Wx::Bitmap construction?
-> Re^3: Displaying changing images in Wx:: produces flicker
... stands for super search and or clicking and stuff

And another avenue is wxperl_usage / wxperl-usage / wxPerl::Usage / Class Method Browser , available methods, method invocation syntax, link to docs , type "wxbitmap::new" and you'll see

Usage: Wx::Bitmap::new(CLASS, ...) Wx::Bitmap->new( ..., ) wxBitmap wxBitmap::new wxBitmap::new
Usage: Wx::Bitmap::newImage(CLASS, image) Wx::Bitmap->newImage( $image, ) wxBitmap wxBitmap::newImage wxBitmap::newImage

Like my wxWidgets / wxPerl / wxGlade tutorial, explain, wxPerl will recognize that you're giving ->new a Wx::Image so it isn't necessary to call newImage explicitly

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