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Adding Tk to Perl on AIX

by script_kid (Initiate)
on Jun 20, 2013 at 21:18 UTC ( #1040029=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
script_kid has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Greetings oh holy ones!

I am trying to add the Tk module to Perl 5.16.0 running on an AIX 6 machine. The Tk I'm wresting with is Tk-804.031.

My attempt dies with the error "Cannot find rule to create target libpng.a from dependencies". The Makefile from the ...PNG/libpng directory follows below. I would appreciate any pointers to complete the install. The .c files in OBJS are all present in the directory, but there is no sign of the compiled objects.

Thanks for any perls of wisdom


# makefile for libpng using gcc (generic, static library) # Copyright (C) 2002, 2006 Glenn Randers-Pehrson # Copyright (C) 2000 Cosmin Truta # Copyright (C) 2000 Marc O. Gloor (AIX support added, from makefile.g +cc) # Copyright (C) 1995 Guy Eric Schalnat, Group 42, Inc. # For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in png. +h # Location of the zlib library and include files ZLIBINC = ../zlib ZLIBLIB = ../zlib # Compiler, linker, lib and other tools CC = gcc LD = $(CC) AR_RC = ar rcs MKDIR_P = mkdir -p RANLIB = ranlib RM_F = rm -f LN_SF = ln -f -s LIBNAME=libpng12 PNGMAJ = 0 PNGMIN = 1.2.12 PNGVER = $(PNGMAJ).$(PNGMIN) prefix=/usr/local INCPATH=$(prefix)/include LIBPATH=$(prefix)/lib # override DESTDIR= on the make install command line to easily support # installing into a temporary location. Example: # # make install DESTDIR=/tmp/build/libpng # # If you're going to install into a temporary location # via DESTDIR, $(DESTDIR)$(prefix) must already exist before # you execute make install. DESTDIR= DI=$(DESTDIR)$(INCPATH) DL=$(DESTDIR)$(LIBPATH) CDEBUG = -g -DPNG_DEBUG=5 LDDEBUG = CRELEASE = -O2 LDRELEASE = -s WARNMORE=-Wall CFLAGS = -I$(ZLIBINC) $(WARNMORE) $(CRELEASE) LDFLAGS = -L. -L$(ZLIBLIB) -lpng12 -lz -lm $(LDRELEASE) # File extensions O=.o A=.a E= # Variables OBJS = png$(O) pngerror$(O) pngget$(O) pngmem$(O) pngpread$(O) \ pngread$(O) pngrio$(O) pngrtran$(O) pngrutil$(O) pngset$(O) \ pngtrans$(O) pngwio$(O) pngwrite$(O) pngwtran$(O) pngwutil$(O) # Targets all: $(LIBNAME)$(A) pngtest$(E) $(LIBNAME)$(A): $(OBJS) $(AR_RC) $@ $(OBJS) $(RANLIB) $@ test: pngtest$(E) ./pngtest$(E) pngtest$(E): pngtest$(O) $(LIBNAME)$(A) $(LD) -o $@ pngtest$(O) $(LDFLAGS) install: $(LIBNAME)$(A) -@if [ ! -d $(DI) ]; then $(MKDIR_P) $(DI); fi -@if [ ! -d $(DI)/$(LIBNAME) ]; then $(MKDIR_P) $(DI)/$(LIBNAME); + fi -@if [ ! -d $(DL) ]; then $(MKDIR_P) $(DL); fi -@$(RM_F) $(DI)/$(LIBNAME)/png.h -@$(RM_F) $(DI)/$(LIBNAME)/pngconf.h -@$(RM_F) $(DI)/png.h -@$(RM_F) $(DI)/pngconf.h cp png.h pngconf.h $(DI)/$(LIBNAME) chmod 644 $(DI)/$(LIBNAME)/png.h \ $(DI)/$(LIBNAME)/pngconf.h -@$(RM_F) -r $(DI)/libpng (cd $(DI); $(LN_SF) $(LIBNAME) libpng; $(LN_SF) $(LIBNAME)/* .) -@$(RM_F) $(DL)/$(LIBNAME)$(A) -@$(RM_F) $(DL)/libpng$(A) cp $(LIBNAME)$(A) $(DL)/$(LIBNAME)$(A) chmod 644 $(DL)/$(LIBNAME)$(A) (cd $(DL); $(LN_SF) $(LIBNAME)$(A) libpng$(A)) (cd $(DI); $(LN_SF) libpng/* .;) clean: $(RM_F) *.o $(LIBNAME)$(A) pngtest pngout.png png$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngerror$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngget$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngmem$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngpread$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngread$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngrio$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngrtran$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngrutil$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngset$(O): png.h pngconf.h pngtest$(O): png.h pngconf.h

The error message appears thus :

.... cc_r -q64 -D_ALL_SOURCE -D_ANSI_C_SOURCE -D_POSIX_SOURCE -qmax +mem=-1 -qnoansialias -DUSE_NATIVE_DLOPEN -DNEED_PTHREAD_INIT -I/usr/l +ocal/include -q64 -DUSE_64_BIT_ALL -q64 -DUSE_MMAP -c inffast.c ar rc libz.a adler32.o compress.o crc32.o gzio.o uncompr.o def +late.o trees.o zutil.o inflate.o infback.o inftrees.o inffast.o cd libpng && make libpng.a "CC=cc_r -q64 " RANLIB=":" /h/reasttm/eng_perl/Tk-804.031/PNG/libpng make: 1254-002 Cannot find a rule to create target libpng.a from depen +dencies. Stop. make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 2. Stop. make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 2.

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Re: Adding Tk to Perl on AIX
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 21, 2013 at 07:31 UTC

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