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PerlMonks Discussions
The Cookies account
4 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by Lady_Aleena
on Apr 26, 2017 at 04:47

    A little over four years ago, I created the Cookies account for fun. I was known for my chatterbox antics with cookies; so on April Fools 2013, I decided to have some fun. Two years ago I went in for surgery, which is scary. I was thinking something could happen, and Cookies would be left without someone to maintain the account.

    Some users still play with the buttons from time to time. I would not want the account to die just because I did. So, if anything happened to me, would there be someone who would be willing to take over this very silly account?

    P.S. I am always willing to add more flavors and options to the account. Just let me know.

    P.P.S. This thread can be for anything related to the Cookies account that might merit general discussion, too. 8)

    No matter how hysterical I get, my problems are not time sensitive. So, relax, have a cookie, and a very nice day!
    Lady Aleena, the Cookie Lady
Number of Replies Count Wrong
1 direct reply — Read more / Contribute
by perldigious
on Apr 25, 2017 at 09:09

    I was just looking at the latest CUFP as I post this and I noticed that in the CUFP home it says "1 reply", but when I click on it to look it appears to have none. A minor thing, but some sort of glitch perhaps?

    Just another Perl hooker - Working on the corner... corner conditions that is.
Discrepancy in reap notification message
4 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by Athanasius
on Apr 24, 2017 at 23:57
let's encrypt
3 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by natxo
on Apr 21, 2017 at 16:38
    Dear monks, every time I login without https my credentials can be intercepted. This is nowadays not necessary anymore, we have free certificates available using let's encrypt.

    I tried https and the browser errors are annoying because the certificate does not match the hostname (*

    Are there any plans to enable https without annoying browser errors? I could lend a hand to implement this (not that I think people here are not capable of doing it, just offering help ;-) ).

crowd working
3 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by LanX
on Apr 20, 2017 at 11:27
    Dear sisters in Perl,

    I'm wondering...

    Normally we keep monitoring if a poorly phrased question was cross posted or looks like homework.

    But there is a growing market of crowd working, where mini jobs are auctioned in the Web for small money.

    Did we ever notice such a task being "forwarded" to the monastery?

    I think the problem might get worse in the future.

    Cheers Rolf
    (addicted to the Perl Programming Language and ☆☆☆☆ :)
    Je suis Charlie!

Reduce Newbie Confusion
11 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by choroba
on Apr 06, 2017 at 10:42
    Can't we rename Perl Monks Discussion to "Site Discussion"? Maybe newbies won't post their Perl-related questions there so frequently .

    ($q=q:Sq=~/;[c](.)(.)/;chr(-||-|5+lengthSq)`"S|oS2"`map{chr |+ord }map{substrSq`S_+|`|}3E|-|`7**2-3:)=~y+S|`+$1,++print+eval$q,q,a,
CB sidebar auto-expansion problem
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by LanX
on Mar 27, 2017 at 12:41
    For a week now I'm experiencing problems with the chatterbox-sidebar and Firefox.

    When I hit return or click talk, my message (if expandable) becomes expanded to an older one form my chat history.

    For instance I just tried to say *me but posted .oO( *you* don't exist, I'm only messaging to *me* self), something I wrote weeks ago.

    Anyone else with this problem? Suggestions how to solve it, like deleting history?

    I tried to use the CB sidebar with chrome, but this doesn't seem to be easily possible.

    Cheers Rolf
    (addicted to the Perl Programming Language and ☆☆☆☆ :)
    Je suis Charlie!

[Free Nodelet Hack] Disable Submit Button on Click
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by haukex
on Mar 25, 2017 at 09:43

    Disabling submit buttons on click is pretty common nowadays I think, adding the following to the Free Nodelet Settings enables this behavior for the "preview" and "create" buttons (using jQuery). Because disabled buttons don't get included in form submissions, but PerlMonks relies on them, I added a workaround which adds a <input type="hidden" ...>.

    <script src="" integrity="sha256-hwg4gsxgFZhOsEEamdOYGBf13FyQuiTwlAQgxVSNgt4=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> //<!-- $(document).ready(function() { $("input[type='submit'][name='op'][value='preview'], " +"input[type='submit'][name='op'][value='create']") .click(function() { $(this).prop("disabled",true); $(this).after( $('<input>').attr({ type: 'hidden', name: $(this).attr('name'), value: $(this).attr('value') }) ); }); }); //--> </script>
Double posting
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by syphilis
on Mar 25, 2017 at 06:41
    I've made one or three lately, and I think I'm close to working out how it has happened.

    I write my post, "preview" it, then "create" it.
    Then I immediately see something (insignificant) that I want to change.
    So ... I change it ... and hit "create" again ... and now there are 2 posts.

    Can this unfortunate state of affairs be rectified by means that don't involve more intelligent behaviour on my part ?

    Update: Perhaps I was being a bit harsh on myself. Having hit "create", the only button then immediately available is an "update" button. It's the hitting of that "immediately available" update button that's creating the duplicate.
    That aint right. Do I need to elaborate ? ... I reckon I could even provide a demo.

No line breaks in inline code
1 direct reply — Read more / Contribute
by Eily
on Mar 24, 2017 at 10:32

    While you can expect codeblocks to preserve the formatting of your code (unless you have codewrapping enabled, but additional line breaks are made explicit by adding a red '+' and not incrementing the line number), I just discovered that this is not the case with inlinecode. The browser can insert a line break wherever a space is present if the line is too long. Most of the time this is not a big issue since there's no difference between a space and a line break outside of string constructs, but I'd still like pieces of code that were meant to be a single line to be displayed on a single line (as a matter of fact, I discovered this on a regex with the /x modifier, so one of the cases where whitespace doesn't matter).

    I added this line .inlinecode { white-space:nowrap; } in my CSS, so I don't have the problem anymore. But there might be other monks around who would like the oneliners to always be displayed on one line, and I think this change would make sense as default behaviour.

    NB: if you want to try for yourself, here is a one liner that you can break into two lines by resizing your browser's window: perl -lne '(1x$_) !~ /^1?$|^(11+?)\1+$/ && print "$_ is prime"'

Prohibit empty nodes
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by hippo
on Mar 23, 2017 at 11:54

    It's a minor annoyance but hopefully an even more minor fix. I suggest that the site code be modified such that entirely empty nodes are automatically rejected. It's a particular time-and-resource waster in the case of anonymous posts as they serve absolutely no value - would anyone dispute this?

    There might conceivably be some argument for allowing empty non-anonymous posts (although what it might be escapes me) so that could be up for debate. If you think these are worth allowing then do please contribute to this thread.

Adding a "client-side manipulation" repository
3 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by stevieb
on Mar 22, 2017 at 16:17

    Would it be possible to set up an area here on PM that people can share their web browser custom hacks that manipulate and perform actions based on site content?

    I'm thinking JS, CSS and other browser-intrusive things that people have customized. A localized repository of these things for people to share would be nice.

    I know of at least a few Monks who do this kind of thing to get alerts, filter content, re-layout content etc. I know a bit about this sort of manipulation, but it would be great if we had a space specific for site hacks, so that people who aren't overly in tune with such things can have copy/pastable code to drop. Each entry would come with the code, where to put the code (ie. how to implement the hack), and what browser they typically use while using the code. Optionally, a link to a real repository for their entry would be included, as to make updating (or at least a review of future updates) possible.

    update: This need not be limited to browser hacks. It could also include such things as scripts/code that scrape, and take action based on what is found (like my little Perlmonks XP thing I wrote for an LCD last year for example).

Cookies switched to HTTPOnly Cookies
No replies — Read more | Post response
by Co-Rion
on Mar 22, 2017 at 13:20

    As of just now, I've switched the cookies that the Perlmonks domains set to have the HTTPOnly attribute. This means that the most trivial XSS attack won't be able to steal cookies from here, as the browser will not make the cookie available to Javascript code.

    This should be testable locally by pasting the following text into your browser Javascript console while on a Perlmonks domain:


    If the userpass cookie still shows up there, you might need to log out and log in again.

    I believe this will have no ill side-effects.

    If you have a genuine use-case for giving Javascript access to the site cookie, please speak up so we can discuss a work-around.

Performance/Connectivity issues?
3 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by haukex
on Mar 22, 2017 at 03:47

    Hi all, since ~Friday I've been experiencing serious performance (pages take a minute or two to load) and sometimes connectivity (connection reset) issues. For example, posting this node has taken at least five minutes so far for exactly those two reasons. I'm somewhat certain it's not just me because it's happened from a few different locations. I've experienced similar issues for the past year or so, but much more intermittently. Is something going on?

Canonization Without Representation
17 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by trippledubs
on Mar 17, 2017 at 02:58

    If you look at Saints in our Book, you will find that there is systemic discrimination against younger monks.

    Most "Saints" have been here since 2002 and there is a standard deviation of 3. If I remember correctly from the stats class I took twice, that means, I'm probably being screwed. The Median User Since Year (MUSY) is even less than the average (AUSY), but still in year 2002. This indicates a central tendency and predominance of Saints that locked eyes on their future spouse over spilled punch cards; spare me.

    If PM is to survive and enter the prefigurative age, we are going to need link. Empower the younger generation to carry on the torch!

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