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Re^2: How to store multiples lines/records in a array

by Perlseeker_1 (Acolyte)
on Jun 28, 2013 at 17:32 UTC ( #1041296=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: How to store multiples lines/records in a array
in thread How to store multiples lines/records in a array


Please check the input below:


I am tired with code shown below (subroutine-data):

data{ my @values; my $table; open (F, "Filename") || die ("Could not open $Filename!"); while (my $line = <F>) { chomp($line); push (@values,split(',', $line));} close (F); $table .= "<table border=1>"; for (my $i=1;$i<4;$i++) { $table .= "<tr>"; for (my $j=1;$j<7;$j++) { $table .= "<td>$values[$j]</td>";} $table .= "</tr>";} $table .= "</table>";} }

I am calling the subroutine data as mentioned below:

my $table = Data(); Email( $table); <> <p>gives me this output message / faulty output: in table </p> <code> ABC_TEK 12 DFE_YJK 24 JKL_GHY 26 LKJ_UYH 29 GHK_YTH 23 GHS_JSF 34 FHK_ +THE 25 SHJ_TRE 26 HSJ_TEH 39 AHJ_EGH 56 SGH_HEJ 42 HGE_THE 46 HEJ_EJJ + 67 JLE_EJK 89 EHJ_EJK 78 EHJ_IKL 68 EHJ_EJK 57 EJH_EKL 69

I am putting all the read from the array in table and calling subroutine email to print the data in table format in the body

Please check why i was not able to print all records

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