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List all available modules available online

by nglenn (Beadle)
on Sep 02, 2013 at 23:27 UTC ( #1051991=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
nglenn has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I discovered a useful looking module that shows up on, but not on metacpan (Arff::Util). It also wasn't installable via the cpan command. I read around a little and I think that the problem is that it wasn't indexed by PAUSE for some reason. I am considering asking for adoption/co-maint so I can get this fixed. I was wondering how to get the full list of modules available 1) on and 2) metacpan/PAUSE index. If I could find both of these lists, then I could find out which modules weren't getting indexed and maybe help the authors. Then again, maybe this isn't a common problem. Can anyone tell me how to find these lists?
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Re: List all available modules available online
by toolic (Bishop) on Sep 03, 2013 at 00:26 UTC
      Thanks! That's probably the one for indexed modules. That list is missing the module I mentioned (Arff::Util). Now I need to find a list that would include this module.

        There's a file called ls-lR available on most CPAN mirrors, which lists every file on CPAN, but doesn't peek inside tarballs. So it lists Arff-Util-1.23.tar.gz. It's many megabytes in size though.

        I've asked about this module in #toolchain on IRC for you, and miyagawa has spotted the reason Arff-Util is not in the module index. Arff-Util 1.24 was uploaded to CPAN, which pushed Arff-Util 1.23 out of the index. Arff-Util 1.24 was subsequently deleted.

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