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Re^3: WWW::Mechanize with NTLM authentication

by runrig (Abbot)
on Sep 04, 2013 at 23:12 UTC ( #1052455=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: WWW::Mechanize with NTLM authentication
in thread WWW::Mechanize with NTLM authentication

No, if you call credentials() just like the docs say to (one thing I see is that you have 'domain/user' instead of "domain\\user"), then the libary gets imported automatically. You don't need to mention NTLM in your program.

Comment on Re^3: WWW::Mechanize with NTLM authentication
Re^4: WWW::Mechanize with NTLM authentication
by cybershot (Initiate) on Sep 05, 2013 at 00:45 UTC
    How can I use Authen::NTLM?

    It keeps saying I need Crypt::DES and Digest::MD4 modules. Do I also import these into C:\Python27\lib?
      I imagine you have more modules to install (yes, I see NTLM uses DES and MD4). Not sure why you'd want to install them in a python directory though..

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