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Re^2: [OT] Installing g++ compiler on ubuntu-12.04LTS

by syphilis (Chancellor)
on Sep 19, 2013 at 03:14 UTC ( #1054765=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: [OT] Installing g++ compiler on ubuntu-12.04LTS
in thread [OT] Installing g++ compiler on ubuntu-12.04LTS

sudo apt-get install g++

Yeah, that was the first thing I tried. It's good to hear that *should* have worked.
I'll take it to the Ubuntu forums as jfroebe has suggested.

This cross-platform clean-install stuff is tricky for Inline::CPP

I've just set up a powerpc64 box running Debian wheezy. It has g++ (version 4.6.3) but Inline::CPP is not building. It might be a PEBKAC - if it turns out to be other than that, you'll here from me ;-)
It was the problem on the deb box that led me to try out Inline::CPP on the Ubuntu machine - whereupon I discovered (to my surprise) that g++ was not installed.

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Re^3: [OT] Installing g++ compiler on ubuntu-12.04LTS
by davido (Archbishop) on Sep 19, 2013 at 16:53 UTC

    Let me know what you find out regarding the g++ install. Is it possible that it's installed but not in your path? Whatever it is, I'd like to know just for my own selfish edification.


      Let me know what you find out regarding the g++ install

      Turns out it was just a problem I had been having with 'update' for a while. Some of the downloads would fail with "Encountered a section with no Package: header" or various other errors.

      According to what I had googled, the solution that should have worked was:
      sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf sudo apt-get update
      But that always resulted in the same (or similar) failures during sudo apt-get update.
      Today, after running that 'rm' command, I took a look to see what was in /var/lib/apt/lists, and there was a 'partial' directory, which I renamed to 'partial_hidden'.
      Then, when I ran the sudo apt-get update it all went smoothly and I was subsequently able to run sudo apt-get install g++.

      And Inline-CPP-0.45 now builds fine on the ubuntu box.

      The problem on the debian box is a little different. On that box, I can run gcc in either 32-bit mode or 64-bit mode (-m32 or -m64).
      But I can run g++ only in 32-bit mode. If I attempt to run it in 64-bit mode (g++ -m64) I'm told that the only exisitng libstdc++ it can find is incompatible.

      So ... I figure I need to find out how to install the 64-bit libstdc++.
      I've had a bit of a google around, but haven't yet found out how to do that.

      Geez ... and people call MS Windows arcane !!

      (Btw, Inline-CPP-0.45 builds and tests fine on the 32-bit perl on that deb box.)


        I do recall a few times were apt-get gets out of whack and needs some manual cleanup before it will proceed with trouble-free installs. It doesn't matter what's being installed; if apt-get's database (if you can call it that) is messed up, nothing works right until it's reset.

        Your explanation of the 32/64 bit libstdc++ issue might be a good catch. I think that the FAILs I see could be related to the same issue you're seeing on the deb box. It seems possible some people have 64 bit Perl builds, and only a 32-bit libstdc++. That's at least as good an explanation as I can come up with; I know Inline::CPP works on run-of-the-mill Linux systems. And there seems to be no obvious trend in the FAIL reports.

        If you do figure that aspect out, let me know how you fixed it. I might start a TROUBLESHOOTING section in Inline::CPP's POD for such issues.

        Now for my Windows jab; I once somehow got the Windows installer service's database wonky. I think a .NET upgrade failed partway through back when I was doing some MSVC++ work. It hung the system, and required a restart. From that point on, I wasn't able to install or upgrade anything, and couldn't find anything online to explain what needed to happen. Even rolling back to an earlier restore point didn't resolve the problem. Ultimately I had to restore the system to its factory-fresh state. Now that I think back on it, fixing apt-get turned out to be a much simpler process. ;)


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