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German Perl-Workshop 2014 - Call for Papers

by Happy-the-monk (Canon)
on Sep 30, 2013 at 07:32 UTC ( #1056300=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

You're programming in Perl or you're a Perl teacher, aren't you? You've probably got new ideas, maybe a great project or a thrilling story about the use of Perl? Well, then the German Perl Workshop 2014 is the very place to be!

What we offer to you: the German Perl Workshop is the largest German-language conference on the Perl programming language. It's the right platform for presenting your ideas, your project or your review. In 2014, the German Perl Workshop will be held from 26..28 March 2014 at the "Kulturzentrum FAUST Warenannahme" in Hanover. There were about 130 people at the workshop in 2013.

We want your idea. Your project. Your story. We are looking for sophisticated presentations for our program. That may be lightning talks (5min), short presentations (20 minutes) or long talks (40 min). If you are still looking for a presentation topic, please have a look at the FAQ.

Please submit paper proposals through the website. Deadline for submissions is 22 December 2013. Your abstract should be about 2000 characters long (which fits 30 lines with 72 columns). It should outline the subject, what is special about your approach and why Perl is a language particularly useful in this case. You will receive a notification that your paper has been accepted or not in the time until 10 January 2014.

Who we are: In 2014, the workshop is organized by the Hannover Perl Mongers. The Perl Mongers group is among the most active in Germany and meets every two weeks. There is more info about their regular meetings on Twitter and

Our workshop lives and dies with the presentations and the participants. We look forward to meeting you - as a participant and as a speaker.

Original German language version by reneeb

Cheers, Sören

Créateur des bugs mobiles - let loose once, run everywhere.
(hooked on the Perl Programming language)

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