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Re: Perl 6, arrays, hashes, subroutines & basic file IO

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 15, 2013 at 19:50 UTC ( #1058349=perlquestion: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??
Anonymous Monk has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I am wondering if you can help me a bit on output data to a file. Here is my code:
use v6; my $aa = <A L C>; my $peplen = 4; .print for [X]('>', $aa xx $peplen); my $filename = "amino_acid.txt"; my $op = open $filename, :a; $op.print for [X]('>', $aa xx $peplen); $op.close;

I can see the result on my command prompt, but can't see anything on my text file. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated it. Thank you!!

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Re^2: Perl 6, arrays, hashes, subroutines & basic file IO
by raiph (Hermit) on Oct 16, 2013 at 15:44 UTC
    If you really want to contribute to development of Perl 6 (as opposed to development with Perl 6) for the next couple years, then fantastic -- welcome aboard!

    If you just want to use Perl to get stuff done then I strongly recommend you try to use Perl 5 instead. Perl 5 is considered by many to be a great tool for bioinformatics. In contrast Perl 6 is immature in many regards including not yet being able to use most Perl 5 code including almost all of the critically important CPAN. (Update a year later: P6 can now use P5 modules on CPAN (and vice-versa). See the new and already very capable Inline::Perl5.)

    This site (PerlMonks) is almost entirely about Perl 5. You're in the right place if your focus is using or developing Perl 5. In contrast, for now, Perl 6 users and developers are generally better off visiting the IRC channel #perl6 on freenode.

    On #perl6 you'll find p6 experts happy to help beginners most hours of the day. Start by verifying that you have an up to date Perl 6 (#perl6ers will show you how to check) and then explain to #perl6 what you want to do with Perl 6 long term and what you are trying to do with the code you've quoted.

    In case it helps I'll cover a couple things here at PerlMonks. Running your code as it is with a current Rakudo Perl 6 errors out with:

    Error while compiling
    Malformed initializer at ------> $aa = ;

    Fixing that and recompiling gives:

    invoke() not implemented in class 'X'

    So, what is X? To see the gist of something use .gist:

    .print for X.gist

    which returns:


    This is the gist of package X i.e. not what you meant. So, time to visit #perl6. :)


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