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Re^2: treat pairs, set as one item: looking for better way

by remiah (Hermit)
on Oct 20, 2013 at 02:50 UTC ( #1058970=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: treat pairs, set as one item: looking for better way
in thread treat pairs, set as one item: looking for better way

Hello, thanks for reply.
It took me some time to understand this.

#!usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; my @key_array = 'a' .. 'z'; my @set_array = ( ['a', 'b'], ['e','f'], ['f','g'],['x','y'] ); # {a =>{a=>1}, b=>{b=>1}, ....} my %set = map {$_ => {$_ => 't'}} @key_array; for my $s (@set_array) { @{$set{$_}}{@$s} = (1) x @$s for @$s; =my_memo #same as ... for (@$s){ @{$set{$_}}{@$s} = (1) x @$s } #fill hash value at one time my %h; @h{ 1 .. 5 }= 'A' ..'F'; #(1) x @$s if @$s === (a,b) , (1) x @$s === (1,1) #vertex which has edge information .. #{ a=>{a=>1,b=>1}, b=>{a=>1,b=>1} ... =cut } my $saw = ''; print map "$_\n", grep $saw =~ s/^(?!.*$_)/$_ /, =my_memo # ??? how it can remove duplicate like "a,b","a,b" or "e,f,g","e, +f","f,g" here comes "e,f,g", $saw='', ==> $saw="e,f,g" ==> +true #saw doesn't have "" replace ^ to "e,f,g" "a,b" $saw="e,f,g" ==> $saw="a,be,f,g" ==> +true #saw doesn't have "a,b", replace ^ to "a,b "a,b" $saw="a,be,f,g" ==> $saw="a,be,f,g" = +=> false #saw have "a,b" not match; "e,f" $saw="a,be,f,g" ==> $saw="a,be,f,g" = +=> false #saw have "e,f" not match; ... removes edge already seen ... really great. =cut sort {length $b <=> length $a || $a cmp $b} #sort by length + desc || a cmp b map join(',', sort keys %$_), #"a,b" ... sort +ed values %set; # values => {a= +>1,b=>1}, {a=>1,b=>1},{c=>1},{d=>1},,,
short and great!

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