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Re: Why not a "living" PerlDoc? Others have it, why not Perl?

by sundialsvc4 (Abbot)
on Nov 19, 2013 at 15:20 UTC ( #1063347=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Why not a "living" PerlDoc? Others have it, why not Perl?

You don’t have to worry about “writing too much.” as in fearing any sort of repercussions for merely discussing an idea.   What I’d like to know is, “how is this fundamentally different from a Wiki ... or, for that matter, from what PerlMonks (in its own quirky way ...) very effectively provides?

I ask this question strictly for clarification:   “What is the value-added of your idea?   What is novel and different about it?”

Also:   “If you build it, they will spam it ...”

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Re^2: Why not a "living" PerlDoc? Others have it, why not Perl?
by taint (Chaplain) on Nov 19, 2013 at 16:36 UTC
    Thanks for your response, sundialsvc4.

    Great questions. Let me try to address them...


    WIKI, I love the concept. I spent ~4 months experimenting with every Perl based WIKI ever built -- I even finished, and experimented with those that hadn't been completed.

    My findings;
    * They're nearly impossible to control in a meaningful way (direct).
    * They have no flow -- no logical sense of flow/direction. In fact, I found it easy to become lost in many of them, and make no mistake; I have an excellent sense of direction. :) In fact, the only WIKI that I ever found that had any semblance of logical flow, was docuwiki. But, of course, it's not Perl, and it's only logical in the sense that it uses categorization buckets.
    * Don't even get me started on security/moderation. :)
    In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have coined the term "living" in the Title of this. Given it's tight association with WIKI. But then again, maybe this will become what WIKI should have been. :)

    What's different? ...
    If I had to summarize; I'd probably say; logical flow, and categorization.
    The Perl Documentation is already categorized. Flow, in the sense that everyone comments on sections that are meaningful to them, in those sections, and the comments flow in a meaningful way. Which also incites meaningful debate; maybe within the document, or re-derected to Forum (haven't concluded yet).

    "... or, for that matter, from what PerlMonks (in its own quirky way ...)"
    I have volumes to say on this topic, and well intend to do so. But to do it any justice. I want to create it's own topic. :)

    If you build it, they will spam it ...
    I'm guessing you have chosen not to have an email address because of this. :)

    Thanks again, for taking the time to respond, sundialsvc4.
    I hope I was able to address your questions adequately.


    #!/usr/bin/perl -Tw
    use Perl::Always or die;
    my $perl_version = (5.12.5);
    print $perl_version;

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