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Re^5: Best method to diff very large array efficiently

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Nov 26, 2013 at 20:34 UTC ( #1064471=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: Best method to diff very large array efficiently
in thread Best method to diff very large array efficiently

This just gets funnier and funnier.

These are the results from kenosis benchmark:

C:\test> Rate OPdiff hash_grep OPdiffModified OPdiff_undef + using_vec OPdiff 90.9/s -- -47% -52% -55% + -64% hash_grep 170/s 87% -- -10% -17% + -33% OPdiffModified 189/s 108% 11% -- -7% + -26% OPdiff_undef 204/s 124% 20% 8% -- + -20% using_vec 254/s 180% 49% 35% 25% + --

And these from your benchmark:

C:\test> hash_grep: *CMP::hash_grep hash_key_diff: *CMP::hash_key_diff hash_values_diff: *CMP::hash_values_diff using_vec: *CMP::using_vec Rate using_vec hash_values_diff hash_key_diff + hash_grep using_vec 69161/s -- -81% -84% + -88% hash_values_diff 363049/s 425% -- -14% + -39% hash_key_diff 421810/s 510% 16% -- + -29% hash_grep 594454/s 760% 64% 41% + --

Forget the order of the results, note that all your results are something like 2000 times faster despite that you're using pretty much the same sized arrays as kenosis. Do you have some magic touch that makes computers work so much harder for you?

Oh look and what your complicated way of building a coderefhash produces:

my $href = pckg_subs(); pp $href; { hash_grep => sub { "???" }, hash_key_diff => sub { "???" }, hash_values_diff => sub { "???" }, using_vec => sub { "???" }, }

Like I said. Broken is just broken.

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