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Re: Net::OpenSSH rsync_get/rsync_put

by salva (Abbot)
on Nov 27, 2013 at 08:31 UTC ( #1064577=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Net::OpenSSH rsync_get/rsync_put

It works for me.

What does "it don't work" means exactly?

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Re^2: Net::OpenSSH rsync_get/rsync_put
by shivangi (Initiate) on Nov 28, 2013 at 08:39 UTC

    Hello Salva, The file gets successfully transferred by rsync_put but i am not able to see its progress. I had set the progress atrribute to 1, still the transfer progress of file isn't visible. Is there any way through which it can be shown ??? The transfer progress ????

      Post the code where you call Net::OpenSSH constructor.

      Also, enable the module debugging mode and post the output here:

      $Net::OpenSSH::debug = -1;

        Hi Salva, thanks for the quick replies. PFB the output + constructor code.

        .... .... ....... for my $_entry (@_hosts) { eval { $_ssh{$_entry} = Net::OpenSSH->new($_entry, us +er=>$config{_ssh_user}, password=>$config{_ssh_passwd}, async => 1, master_opts => [-o => "St +rictHostKeyChecking=no"]); if($_ssh{$_entry}->error) { die CLI::Exception::SSHConnectExceptio +n->new() ; } else { $logger->debug("Successfully establis +hed SSH connection with ", $_entry); } }; if(catch my $_e) { if ($_e->isa('CLI::Exception')) { $logger->error($_e->description, " wit +h ", $_entry); print $_e->description." with $_entry +\n"; } } } if($_command eq "getfile") { for my $_entry (@_hosts) { $_pid{$_entry} = $_ssh{$_entry}->rsync_get({as +ync => 1, stderr_fh=>$fh, progress=> 1, recursive => 1}, "/home/shagu +n/check.c", "/home/shivangi/") or ($logger->error("rsync_get to $_entry failed") + and print "rsync_get to $_entry failed\n"); } } elsif($_command eq "putfile") { for my $_entry (@_hosts) { $_pid{$_entry} = $_ssh{$_entry}->rsync_put({as +ync => 1, stderr_fh=>$fh, recursive => 1, progress => 1 }, "/home/shi +vangi/shwetabh.img", "/home/shagun/") .... ... ... .. When i execute the code with debug mode enabled, output is: garfield:/home/shivangi/CLI_14/lib1 # ./ garfield>putfile region-group groupB # open_ex: ['ssh','-O','check','-T','-S','/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/r +oot-','-l','root','','--'] # _waitpid(3981) => pid: 3981, rc: # open_ex: ['rsync','-e','ssh -S /root/.libnet-openssh-perl/root-10.11 +2.35.43-3848-813787','--blocking-io','-q','--recursive','--progress', +'--','/home/shivangi/shwetabh.img','root@'] # open_ex: ['ssh','-O','check','-T','-S','/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/r +oot-','-l','root','','--'] # _waitpid(3984) => pid: 3984, rc: # open_ex: ['rsync','-e','ssh -S /root/.libnet-openssh-perl/root-10.11 +2.32.56-3848-476728','--blocking-io','-q','--recursive','--progress', +'--','/home/shivangi/shwetabh.img','root@'] # open_ex: ['ssh','-O','exit','-T','-S','/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/ro +ot-','-l','root','','--'] # _waitpid(4236) => pid: 4236, rc: # open_ex: ['ssh','-O','exit','-T','-S','/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/ro +ot-','-l','root','','--'] # _waitpid(4237) => pid: 4237, rc:

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