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asccii modern art obfu

by perlaintdead (Scribe)
on Nov 30, 2013 at 03:39 UTC ( #1065023=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Trying to step my game up and brake my bad habit of putting cyphered text in an array every obfu. Enjoy my ASCII modern art and the Easter eggs.

WARNING:This program is resource heavy!!!

Built with v5.16.3

no warnings;no strict; while(perl_is_not_dead){ + goto ghs;sub jerry{v3}gns:$ b=~s/^.{3}//;our @change=((9,65),23);$ feld =gn::n;package gn 4.242{sub n{sr +and $ VERSION}package queen; sub boxxy{pop @change and $ boxxy="love, light, joy, and hap +pyness"}} ;goto g.n.S;ghs:sub dx{$i=2e-2 ;@a=queen'boxxy;$i+=1while$a[0]=~s[(?#\x89\x90*{,23}).(?#%?\x59)+?(\ +W{1})][];@a ,$i}sub q{&^>=9*&^+$^%$^^} package split{sub b{@change[eof fileno *STACKFRAME],@change}}$ b +=~q((?{$b=substr lc$~,0,-2,}));goto gns;gnS:;sub n{ return $_ >> dx}sub _:{sub(;){( "\x3c".(sqrt(.218_01330_1491_73 +7)/rand+oct+1e2+4x~~2) .chr.chr 0x.99=>)[${(}].$ b.( (chr(-(&dx)*-25.5).chr(&dx*25.5) .chr((ord reverse split$]=>$~ +,jerry sin$feld) - -(__METAL__)-"\m/"-_-"\m/"-(__METAL__)- -($!+qw^1 *&9$# @^[quot +emeta${!} ]^((int exp(v6 cmp v5)) **gn::n)))x2 .$/)=>(ref*a+ +%gin).[*62 ,*41])[$#b+3%2+hex( gns)],(prototype ge rea +dpipe)[tell]}}} continue{printf(::_([])->(( +)),)}+cream and sugar

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Re: asccii modern art obfu
by Grimy (Pilgrim) on Dec 01, 2013 at 12:58 UTC
    Which version of Perl is it running on? Straight from the download link, I got this:
    ~$ perl5.10.1 obfu syntax error at obfu line 2, near "package gn 4.242" syntax error at obfu line 3, near "}}" syntax error at obfu line 3, near "ghs:sub dx" syntax error at obfu line 4, near "$i}" syntax error at obfu line 10, near "}}" Execution of obfu aborted due to compilation errors. ~$ perl5.16 obfu offee offee offee offee offee offee offee ...
      Perl v5.16.3
      I'm just too cool to use anything older.

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