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Re^8: Retrieve SNP information from UCSC genome browser

by taint (Chaplain)
on Jan 10, 2014 at 16:30 UTC ( #1070144=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^7: Retrieve SNP information from UCSC genome browser
in thread Retrieve SNP information from UCSC genome browser

OK. This is getting ridiculous. marto, just for you, I'm going to update this post with a bit of history on ftp. But, for now, please note; ftp does, and always has provided all the tools necessary to fairly accurately compare remote files, to local files. There has always been a wealth of commands available within the ftp command set. While you wait, you might look at the commands I've already listed, to imagine the possibilities. Here's another link to the same man page I posted 2 times prior, that lists the commands I've been referencing: ftp.

I'll be back... :)

UPDATE (as promised)
I had intended to write up a history on ftp, but for the purpose of this thread, the following link summarizes things quite well, I think. Please review: FTP Subcommands
Here's another link that includes a fuller set of commands: ftp commands

Best wishes.


λɐp ʇɑəɹ⅁ ɐ əʌɐɥ puɐ ʻꜱdləɥ ꜱᴉɥʇ ədoH

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Re^9: Retrieve SNP information from UCSC genome browser
by marto (Bishop) on Jan 10, 2014 at 16:36 UTC

    I said:

    "FTP is for transfering files, it has no ability to compare them."

    You responded:

    "Correction; ...."

    Then told us how size can (if available) tell you the remote size of a file. This does not compare the size to anything. Also comparing the size of two files does not, contrary to your repeat claim, mean that the contents of the files are the same.

    Your correction was invalid, your assertion that files being the same size is somehow a comparison of their content is invalid.

    You could have provided a clear response first time, proving your claim. As usual, that didn't happen.

      "You could have provided a clear response first time, proving your claim. As usual, that didn't happen."

      and how did this:

      Commands may be abbreviated. Commands are: ! features mls prompt site $ fget mlsd proxy size account form mlst put sndbuf append ftp mode pwd status ascii gate modtime quit struct bell get more quote suniqu +e binary glob mput rate system bye hash mreget rcvbuf tenex case help msend recv thrott +le cd idle newer reget trace cdup image nlist remopts type chmod lcd nmap rename umask close less ntrans reset unset cr lpage open restart usage debug lpwd page rhelp user delete ls passive rmdir verbos +e dir macdef pdir rstatus xferbu +f disconnect mdelete pls runique ? edit mdir pmlsd send epsv4 mget preserve sendport exit mkdir progress set
      not expand on my assertion? There's quite a few additions, to my original assertion. That was an attempt to articulate/expand/broaden my assertion. Surely, even the slightly curious, might see some possibilities in that list.


      λɐp ʇɑəɹ⅁ ɐ əʌɐɥ puɐ ʻꜱdləɥ ꜱᴉɥʇ ədoH

        Do you really expect someone to play guessing games with the output of a command list? Do you expect poor ammalu89 to go away and read the documentation for everyone on the list before piecing together your so called strategy? Seems like you have no interest in either helping the user, backing up your claim that FTP can do this reliably or proving your assertion that comparing the number of bytes is a logical way of comparing files.

        Perhaps you want to (re?)read PerlMonks for the Absolute Beginner. Maybe someone should post a "How to answer a question effectively" tutorial.

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