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Demonstrators stormed the Ukrainian House convention centre in Kiev last night ...

by LanX (Bishop)
on Jan 26, 2014 at 11:58 UTC ( #1072123=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Unusual Perl news, but not off topic...

Those 300+ Perl programmers who attended YAPC::EU just 6 month ago might be interested to know, that our last venue is becoming a battle field now.

Cheers Rolf

( addicted to the Perl Programming Language)




more pics ... "Ukrainsky Dom" can be seen in the background of the second one about showing "european square".


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Re: Demonstrators stormed the Ukrainian House convention centre in Kiev last night ...
by CountZero (Bishop) on Jan 26, 2014 at 17:40 UTC
    From "Perl" to "peril".

    So very sad.


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Re: Demonstrators stormed the Ukrainian House convention centre in Kiev last night ...
by bulk88 (Priest) on Jan 27, 2014 at 10:29 UTC
    Since I know a little bit of the local langauge, but I'm a Yankee so I'll translate it in a very raw way which leaves you to guess what the idioms mean since your guess is as good as mine, I'll try to turn the conference hall into a story here that you wont find in AFP/AP/Reuters/Russian/UAE media, I will stay out of the politics side, go read Google News if you care for the politics side

    I'd say there are 3 traffic lights between the main tent city/main drag/main square and Ukraine Parliament/Presidents Palace (same campus), YAPC EU 2013 venue is at traffic light 2 out of 3, so protestors pass it all the time going back and forth in their politcal actions.

    YAPC EU 2013 venue story has an ending, protesters occupied it, but will it ever be used as a conference hall again? or is it Sarajevo?

    early history, july 2012, "press conference of president of ukraine", 1st link , video outside, the flags are the same political parties that are running the current 2013/2014 protests, so the Conf venue has been raided once before in history by protesters but I assume they failed the 1st time in breaking into the building (some property damage resulted), I'm not sure if the president speach was canceled or not, 2nd link , same day, but video inside, nothing to really translate, its all small talk, except at end on staircase, security guards/officers(?) in suits tell everyone to get off the staircase for their own safety except for those that really need to be there. There are metal detectors and xray machines shown (I heard Matz put a contract on Wall's head, can we get metal detectors and xray machines next years YAPC?), plus the auditorium used for yapc keynote dressed up for the press conference.

    To the present, post occupation of conf hall

    1st video, titled "within step from marauding [looting??]" the initial occupation, priest is handing out the bar contents, members of the crowd step in, argue that the press is here, and this is looting, the priest gives up and goes away, member of crowd says "we dont loot and we pay for our own liquor, bottles are to be put back", and bottles are put back, part 2 of video 1 is man on left argues, we can't afford this stuff, and I haven't seen such expensive conac in 40 years, dont touch this because this is stealing, *group of men in military fatigues, debate is unintelligible*, 1 guy "this is property, you can't take it out, it is sacred of ukraine", 2nd guy "this is martial time, all that remains...*cut*" all other voices are unintelligle

    2nd video morning after occupation (1-26-14), guy explains plans for the occupied building are food, healthcare and warm things for the barricades, warm dress, security, will be set up *conversation with woman mopping floor* are you an employee? no, I am a businesswomen from donesk [president's home province, far away from kiev], I came here, ... I live in Kiev, I want to show my brothers and sisters that I work here are my hands, here is my manicure, sometimes in women mop is also arms [weapons] against bandits, glory ukraine *men doing construction scene*, talking about details of construction procedure/planning, reporter asks old man what are they doing here? reply, we are renewing that which happened in the night, here was with us a breakin, nobody knew what to do, and now we have to bring order, since we are the property manager of this building, property manager of the country, beginning with what we were forced to be angry[?] with, reporter do you have any connection to this construction? no, I am simply a citizen of ukraine, because I am, actually, came, bought, what to tie with those knots, scotch [tape], I understand it will be necessary to renew the windows, *cuts to scene of "collection box for renew of rock and facade"*, with this I came here because I know that this [construction?] is what I will be busy with, since at this age I am too old to stand at barricades and throw, and here I will be useful *end of old man interview*

    My opinion, Sarajevo? No, my guess is the conf hall will be repaired and back to normal for rental by summer. The protests aren't anti-foreigner, and they are not anti-capitalists, so tourists are as safe as walking around any Western European political action (maybe a lil safer, since nobody is setting retail on fire on anti-capitalist theory in Kiev). My guess is, if YAPC EU Kiev was held during the protest, the only chance for canceling the conf would be if the cops ("Militsia") would want the building, not the protestors first. This Kiev thing isn't a situation where I would get roasted while getting my morning roast from Starbucks.
      Why do you keep saying "Sarajevo?", what does that mean to you?
        It is just an example I picked. I have no connections to Yugoslavia. I picked it since it was recent in history, bombed out from land warfare (not aerial warfare, so no WW2 examples), heavily urbanized with high amounts of western infrastructure, city in Europe (no Middle East), whose war events were well publicized in the media. It represents burned out building cores with football size rocket holes in all building facades. The buildings are multi-story concrete/steel/wood, not unreinforced masonry or mud brick construction. You have any better suggestions AM?
Re: Demonstrators stormed the Ukrainian House convention centre in Kiev last night ...
by bulk88 (Priest) on Feb 21, 2014 at 04:56 UTC

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