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Substitution cipher or keyboard layout demo

by ohcamacj (Sexton)
on Apr 27, 2014 at 04:02 UTC ( #1083973=CUFP: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

As a longtime dvorak user, I've occassionally noticed that it's extremely unbalanced left-right. The right hand, does almost all of the work.

A few times, I've tried using xmodmap to create a mirrored keyboard layout; but this didn't work well. Since my typing speed falls 10x, it's always faster to just leave the keyboard layout untouched.

Wasn't there some way to practice a new keyboard layout, without constantly running

setxkbmap -layout dvorak -option ctrl:nocaps; xmodmap new-layout; setxkbmap -layout dvorak -option ctrl:nocaps; xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc
to switch back and forth ?

So, wrote a perl script, to apply what-if-the-keyboard was a different layout transform to input.

That alone wouldn't be interesting enough to post. A trivial one-liner with s/./$map{$&} ? $map{$&} : $&/eg; is sufficient.

But, it was sorta clumsy to use. In a shell, a lot of keystrokes are necessary (up-arrow, backspace, backspace, backspace) to change the text. So, I eventually wrote a terminal ui for it, to make it easier to use.

The code

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Getopt::Long; use Time::HiRes qw(sleep); my $inplace = 0; my $use_delay = 0; my $use_anim = 0; my $delay_time = 1.5; my $anim_time = 0.1; unless(GetOptions("inplace!" => \$inplace, "delay!" => \$use_delay, "delay-time=f" => \$delay_time, "animate!" => \$use_anim, "animation-time=f" => \$anim_time)){ print("Warning: Failed to successfully parse options.\n"); } #Initialize the lookup table my $leftside = "',.pyaoeui;qjkx\x{22}<>PYAOEUI:QJKX"; my $rightside = "fgcrldhtnsbmwvz\x{46}GCRLDHTNSBMWVZ"; sub max { my ($a, $b) = @_; $a >= $b ? $a : $b; } my %transform = (); foreach my $idx (0 .. (max(length($leftside), length($rightside)) - 1) +){ my $leftchar = substr($leftside, $idx, 1); my $rightchar = substr($rightside, $idx, 1); $transform{$leftchar} = $rightchar; $transform{$rightchar} = $leftchar; } print( "Welcome to the perl LR practice interactive shell.\n" . "Use --inplace to insert terminal escape codes.\n" . "Use quit or exit to exit\n\n" ); if($use_delay && $inplace){ printf("Replace delay set to %.2f seconds.\n", $delay_time); } if($use_anim && $inplace){ printf("Char animation frame delay set to %.3f seconds.\n", $anim_ +time); } #main loop. while(1){ my $prompt = "LR practice> "; my $ps2 = " LR result > "; # both prompts should be the same le +ngth, # so that stuff lines up vertically. syswrite(STDOUT, $prompt); my $line = <STDIN>; chomp($line); my $post_LR = perl_LR($line); if($line =~ /^(quit|exit)$/i){ syswrite(STDOUT, "Exiting.\n"); last; } if($inplace){ if($use_delay){ sleep($delay_time); } #use terminal escape codes to move up a line. #Apparently, the magic sequence is esc[1A syswrite(STDOUT, "\033[1A"); unless( $use_anim ){ #normal case syswrite(STDOUT, $ps2 . $post_LR . "\n"); }else{ my $str = $ps2 . $post_LR; $str .= " " x (length($str) >= 26 ? 1 : 27 - length($str)) +; #a little whitespace at the end makes the animation smooth +er, #particularly for very short strings. for my $idx (0 .. (length($str) - 1 )){ if($idx == 0){ }else{ #back up one char syswrite(STDOUT, "\033[1D"); } my $cur_char; if($idx == length($str) - 1){ $cur_char = substr($str, $idx, 1); }else{ $cur_char = substr($str, $idx, 1) . "#"; } syswrite(STDOUT, $cur_char); sleep($anim_time); } syswrite(STDOUT, "\n"); } }else{ syswrite(STDOUT, $ps2 . $post_LR . "\n"); } if($post_LR =~ /^(quit|exit)$/i){ syswrite(STDOUT, "Exiting.\n"); last; } } exit(0); sub perl_LR { my $outstr = ""; my $instr = shift(); foreach my $idx (0 .. (length($instr) - 1)){ my $char = substr($instr, $idx, 1); my $newchar = ""; if(defined($transform{$char})){ $newchar = $transform{$char}; }else{ $newchar = $char; } $outstr .= $newchar; } return $outstr; }

Dvorak keyboard users are rare, people who are trying to become left-handed are extremely rare. So, change $leftside and $rightside to something else, more meaningful.

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Re: Substitution cipher or keyboard layout demo
by mr_mischief (Monsignor) on May 01, 2014 at 13:39 UTC

    Did you know Dvorak comes in balanced, left-handed, and right-handed varieties?

    Microsoft has a page that may be helpful and was near the top of results for "left-handed Dvorak keyboard". Dvorak Keyboard Layuouts

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